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Reasons Change

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I’ve changed.  I am not the same person I was when I started this blog.  Nor have I written for a good chunk of time.  Running used to be an everyday event for me.  I ran because I loved it and was good at it, but also because it gave me a sense of clarity.  While I ran, my  thoughts ran as well.  It was my time to worry, to day dream, to train and improve myself.  It was my time to redirect my worries and thoughts into something successful, which made for some amazing free therapy and awe inspiring self confidence.  Recently, I have gotten away from that.  I don’t run anymore, at least not nearly as much.  And I’m not sure why; a combination between no motivation and a busy schedule?  Perhaps my recent health issues have played a part, Or I just simply burned out…

Whatever the reason,  Running is still a big part of my life because it’s kind of my job.  The track season just ended for my Jr. High Students and school is finally coming to a close, thank goodness!  I did run with my track athletes towards the end of this season.  Getting back into running has been difficult.  And, I have recently decided that anyone who has ever said they hate running is well justified.  But it only took one good running day… after many terrible ones…. to remind me of what I have been missing.  So, starting tomorrow, I am running.  I am not saying I am going to be the same dedicated, hot headed training runner I used to be, or even as fast, because I was pretty fast!  I am simply saying I am going to run.  The weather is warm….ish, May weather in Utah is more than just unpredictable.  But weather will not be an excuse nor will anything else.  I am going to give this another try.  I will sign up for some races, run on a daily basis and hopefully find some new reasons to stick with it this time around.  After all, I have changed.  I am a different person and need to learn how to train the new me.

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Perfect Storm

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The Davis Dash was held last night and was quite the event!  I have to say, in all my running endeavors this one was unlike any other.  The event was held as a way to support and raise money for all the schools in the district and also as a way to reward the teachers and faculty at those schools.  They had big prizes, a band,(which was surprisingly good) and food vendors.  A great event for a great cause!  But just because something is well thought out and organized, doesn’t mean it all works out perfectly.

On the day of the event the weather was a little overcast but pleasant.  It had been raining non stop for a while, so the break in the down pour gave me a glimmer of hope.  But even if it did rain, my husband and I had been running outside in it anyway.  The weather couldn’t be any worse than that right?  Well, as the event got closer, the clouds got darker.  But this is Utah, that could mean anything.  So we made our way to Farmington to check in.  I was wearing a Layton high hoody, because I have a million of them, and my old running shoes, because I didn’t want my beautiful new ones to get muddy.

As we stepped to the starting line, it started to drizzle.  The guy at the start gave us his speech about the course and the timer board at the finish line.  He told us to look at the board as we finished so we would know our time.  He then shot the gun and the race began.  As soon as that gun went off the clouds let loose.  It was ridiculous and we got pelted! I saw lightning a lot closer than I felt comfortable with. My hair was a wet matted mess in the wind.  Water slopped off my face and eyes as I ran through the muddy puddled trail.  I could hardly see!  deep wet puddles were everywhere and I had to slow down a lot to make sure I didn’t slip to my death.  My old once beloved running shoes are now a wet muddy mess.  My new ones, however, are safe and dry.  Good decision on my part.

The trail had some unexpected hills that I wasn’t mentally prepared for.  And, my sopping hoodie was weighing me down.  I cannot believe how heavy that hoody got.  I felt like I had gained twenty pounds.  unable to take it anymore, I stripped it off and chucked it to the side of the trail.  It’s whereabouts, unknown.   No worries though, I have plenty of replacements and felt much lighter throughout the rest of the race.  The trail wound around wooded trees and although they were tall, they didn’t provide much cover from the rain.  I was soaking wet as I crossed the finish line, when I looked to my left for the time board I found it, missing.  The lady at the finish said the heavy rain damaged it, so they took it down.

Needless to say that race felt like a long one, but as I finally finished, as the first girl by the way, I was proud that I was able to keep going despite the terrible weather conditions.  After Aaron and I had both finished, we made our way back to the jeep and stood in awe.  The clouds were lifted and there was no rain to be seen.  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but the rain had completely stopped!  Why does that always happen?  Why is it that whenever there is any big event something happens to derail it?  The answer…. it just does! It’s part of life.  You can preplan, plan and organize every detail of your entire life and something will still find a way to throw those plans off track.  Honestly, I am surprised they didn’t cancel the event last night, I mean lightning is usually the deciding factor if all that rain wasn’t.  But why would they?  They had put way to much work in to just up and quit.  What a waste that would have been.  No, Instead we ran anyway, and gained another experience I will never forget.  Yes, I wanted the weather to be more accommodating, but without the rain I wouldn’t have gotten muddy shoes or lost my hoody.  I wouldn’t have screamed, as I slipped while running as fast as I could in the mud.  I wouldn’t have pushed as hard as I did to get out of the rain. And because I did, I won a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Sports Authority,  got to spend quality time with my husband, and have another finished race under my belt.  Looking back, as much as I didn’t want to run in that crazy rain storm, I’m glad I did.  Because perfect is boring.

Standing inside where it is safe!!

Standing inside where it is safe!!

New Territory

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Running on untrodden soil makes the path rocky and rough, far tougher than any trail previously trodden.  A new kind of challenge set before us, with more to carry uphill.  For on this trail, it is no longer just one.  Together, we start at the bottom, working our way up.   Our path will provide new views, new problems, and new joys.  Our climb a struggle to test our abilities, patience and most importantly our dedication.  Dedication to lengthen our stride, to quicken our pace, to trod upward, and go the distance.  Our success is built upon this dedication.  The dedication to always moving forward and to never losing ground.  We have much to prove and unlimited potential, our path leading us to what we will become!  And so we stride with knowledge that we will never run alone.  As we stay on the narrow path with faith and vigour, we stride together.  We are in it for the long haul, progressing to the top, to our destination, helping each other along the way.  No matter the difficulties, on we will go.  For, the hardest and longest trails make for the most rewarding with the best views.  And I couldn’t see myself running with anyone else.

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Running has been the best teacher I’ve ever had.  I do a lot of thinking when out running the streets, and It has taught me a lot about myself.  I realized today, while out for a jog, that I am pretty stubborn in certain aspects of my life while pretty passive in others.  Both those words have very negative connotations to them.  I hate that the word stubborn is looked at as such a negative.  I mean, when looking up synonyms for the word you find, Uncompromising, difficult, contrary, and even pigheaded.  But in my mind being stubborn is actually a positive, when in the right context.  It can become empowering. Running is obviously an important topic to me.  I have a blog dedicated to it.  But running, to me, is a lot more than just a way to stay in shape.  It is what keeps me mentally, emotionally and physically strong and healthy.  I am very adamant about this belief and I show it.  I go running almost every day.  Even when I don’t want to, even when it hurts.  I do this because I have made up my mind to do so, and there isn’t anything that will change my mind about it.  Not even my own laziness.  Stubborn. I’m talking about making up your mind to accomplish something.  But for once I’m not talking about running, I’m talking about life.  I’m sure each and every person has an ideal of what they want to become.  It’s right there, deep down inside of you.  What do you want in life? What kind of person do you want to be?  What do you want to accomplish?  You can see it.  But the world gets in the way.  You find excuses, reasons to let those ideals pass by.  You put fear in control, you start thinking it’s too hard and settle for something easier or for something beneath your standard.  But running races has taught me that sometimes I have to look deep down within myself and reach for the reasons that keep me going and then make up my mind about them.  That is what helps me finish the race at the time I set for myself, that is what keeps me from settling for a slower pace, even when the race is painful, even when the race is hard. There are certain standards that I want to uphold as a person and as a member of my church.  There are things I want to accomplish; I want to be happy and successful, I want a good strong relationship with God, I want to be kind and encouraging, I want to be a great teacher and acquire the gift of persuading truth and motivating action, I want to get married and have kids, I want to be a good wife and mother, but mostly I want to be consistent.  To uphold high standards  even with all the so called”reasons” to settle for less.  Being a Pigheaded, Uncompromising Stubborn is imperative in this context. life is a race

Here or There

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I walk onto the field, the court, the track.

A ball in my hands, at my feet. 

I run the race, the street, the trail.

The path laid out in front of me. 

There…. is where i belong, 

Where I know what to do,

Where everything comes naturally.


Here, I wander aimlessly.

The paths splitting in different directions.

Which way should i go? 

Which race, which street, which trail?

Which hoop should I shoot for? 

There, I see one hoop, one path, one direction.

Here, I see many and I don’t know what to do…  

Steps Towards Recovery

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Being ill or injured sucks.  I think all serious injuries, whether a broken arm to a broken heart, affect the mind more than the actual physical body.  I’m still anemic and although I have felt progression towards recovery, I’m not progressing fast enough.  The thing with Anemia is that it’s not an injury or illness that people can see, it’s in my blood.  So, when I go out for a run, in my mind, there is no reason why I can’t do what I have always been able to.  Yet, I’m slow and can’t go as far.  It’s annoying.

I hold high expectations for my self and often think that I should be “this” and  should have accomplished “that” by now, despite my illness, injury, or weakness.  Why am I not where I should be?  You’ll drive yourself crazy thinking like this because you make yourself into a constant disappointment.  Life is progressive.  And we have all made significant progress.  But every once in a while, weakness, injury, or illness slow us down.   all you can do is work through it a step at a time.  Even if hope of recovery is slim or down right impossible. Even if baby steps are all that’s manageable.  Those steps may be considered small to the healthy and uninjured, but they may be the most difficult steps ever taken.   Pushing forward through difficulty defines progress and without progress, healing cannot take place.

So yes injuries, illnesses, and weaknesses are difficult and you should be annoyed by them.  But, by forcing yourself forward, progress will be made.  I can honestly say I am making progress,  with anemia anyway, even though my grandma can probably run faster than me right now.  but I will pass her up, eventually, as long as I don’t quit.  There is no reason why I can’t do what I have always been able to. I can overcome difficulty.


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An individual’s personal perception of life is unlike anyone else’s.  This individual has her own way of looking at and seeing things.  She has her own opinions, attitudes, and challenges and may go through the same challenges as others, but will perceive and react differently.  A life enveloping catastrophe to her, may be a mere bump in the road to another.  Her attitude towards specific occurences becomes self fulfilling.

variances in opinion are all due to perception.  Those who don’t see running as something worthwhile are obviously not looking at it through my eyes.  But challenges can influence and change perception.   I have recently been diagnosed with Anemia, making running difficult and not so pleasant.  Anemia is a condition in which there is not enough iron in the blood.  Iron is important because It produces healthy red blood cells in the body, which transport oxygen to organs.  Because running is an aerobic exercise, oxygen is kind of important. I mean, oxygen is kind of important period!  So, because of this health problem I have had to force myself to finish workouts that would otherwise be relatively simple.

My perception of running has changed.  I despise pushing myself through pain that I shouldn’t feel during a short, simple run.  I get angry at myself, feeling that I should be at a certain level, but am falling short.  So I didn’t run today.  I did nothing, unless you count mowing the lawn as a workout.  Instead I read a book called Unbroken, which actually helped me see more clearly.  I read all morning long about Louie Zamperini, who was infact a runner, a world record runner to be exact, and a WWII survivor.  He was drafted into the war, and became a B-24 Air Force Bomber.  But he, along with his crew crashed in the ocean.  Only three members of the crew survived the crash and were forced to wait for days on a raft, in the Ocean, for rescue.  Louie was among those three.  The two other men with him were Mac and Phil.

Louie, while starving and drifting in the Ocean, remembered an article about a survivor in their same situation.  The article had reported that the crew members who didn’t survive went insane from dehydration and had wild hallucinations. So Louie and Phil decided they needed to keep their minds sharp.  So, they quizzed each other and discussed memories, life events, and the future.  They taught one another lyrics to songs and did everything they could to keep their minds in tact.  Mac, however did not participate much and many times went through mini freak out sessions.

“though all three men faced the same hardship, their differing perceptions of it appeared to be shaping their fates.  Louie and Phil’s hope displaced their fear and inspired them to work toward their survival, and each success renewed their physical and emotional vigor.  mac’s resignation seemed to paralyze him, and the less he participated in their efforts to survive, the more he slipped.  though he did the least, as the days passed, it was he who faded the most.  Louie and Phil’s optimism, and Mac’s hopelessness, were becoming self-fulfilling.”

That quote was taken from the book, Unbroken.  It illustrates how critical perception is, and not just with running.  Those who preceive pain as a moment to overcome, overcome and look back at a bump in the road.  Others let pain follow them, allowing it to envelope their lives.  Envelopment is hard to get away from.