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Victory is Taken

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“Never be passive. Victories happen when you take charge of the game. You can’t win by playing not to lose.”
-Karen Kingsbury
I would consider myself a more passive kind of human being.  To protect myself from getting hurt, I tend to play it safe. I shy away from conflict and avoid “stepping on the toes of others.”  In other words, I hold back.  Yet, when playing basketball or running a race I am the exact opposite. I will do everything within in my power to win.  I am aggressive and will bruise every toe in the game if it means satisfaction with my performance.  I give it my all.  Although that may come off as a little extreme in real life scenarios, I don’t believe that playing it safe leads to anything Satisfying.

Don’t get me wrong, having a safety net can be useful.   It’s something nice and cushy to land on.  But knowing it’ll always be there to break your fall, makes falling that much easier.  The net becomes an excuse about why you can’t go the distance.  It just sits there waiting to be landed on, which must mean the distance is too far.  But without the net the jump becomes more real, more rewarding, and more devastating all at the same time.   You take that jump, and I guarantee  you’ll go so much farther because there is nothing to catch you, there is nothing holding you back.

So now that the safety nets are down and you are going the distance, you have to deal with people.  Sometimes you have to get dirty. That statement has been a hard lesson for me to learn. But playing nice isn’t always the best way to handle certain situations. I am all for respecting others and being kind, but people have a tendency to get in the way. They’ll use your weaknesses to make them feel superior. They’ll judge, use, and abuse you, and they’ll try to keep you from moving towards the goal. Those people need to be shown exactly where you stand and that you will not back down… even if it means crushing a toe or two. Toe stepping beats walking on eggshells any day.

Being more passive than I’d prefer, I’d like to change.  But, Change is hard.  there is, however, something everyone should know. I have my own personal opinions, goals, and experiences and I have the right to be respected as do you. I have lived my life, and have over come obstacles.  I have succeeded, and have also failed.  I’ve used safety nets and always landed softly, excusing myself for whatever reason I could think up.  But I am not satisfied with that.  I’d rather give everything I have despite the judgments and thoughts of others and lose, than to land safely on my excuses.  In life everybody is required to go up against themselves and others and everybody wants to win. But winning cannot be done unless it is taken. So take it!  Take that jump, take that shot, take the opportunity.  Do not resort to prevent defense, allowing others to stop you from even trying for a goal.  You can’t win this way.  The best case scenario ends in a tie and tie’s aren’t good enough.  So change your mind set, move forward, and take your victory.  Only then will you get some satisfaction.