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Perfect Storm

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The Davis Dash was held last night and was quite the event!  I have to say, in all my running endeavors this one was unlike any other.  The event was held as a way to support and raise money for all the schools in the district and also as a way to reward the teachers and faculty at those schools.  They had big prizes, a band,(which was surprisingly good) and food vendors.  A great event for a great cause!  But just because something is well thought out and organized, doesn’t mean it all works out perfectly.

On the day of the event the weather was a little overcast but pleasant.  It had been raining non stop for a while, so the break in the down pour gave me a glimmer of hope.  But even if it did rain, my husband and I had been running outside in it anyway.  The weather couldn’t be any worse than that right?  Well, as the event got closer, the clouds got darker.  But this is Utah, that could mean anything.  So we made our way to Farmington to check in.  I was wearing a Layton high hoody, because I have a million of them, and my old running shoes, because I didn’t want my beautiful new ones to get muddy.

As we stepped to the starting line, it started to drizzle.  The guy at the start gave us his speech about the course and the timer board at the finish line.  He told us to look at the board as we finished so we would know our time.  He then shot the gun and the race began.  As soon as that gun went off the clouds let loose.  It was ridiculous and we got pelted! I saw lightning a lot closer than I felt comfortable with. My hair was a wet matted mess in the wind.  Water slopped off my face and eyes as I ran through the muddy puddled trail.  I could hardly see!  deep wet puddles were everywhere and I had to slow down a lot to make sure I didn’t slip to my death.  My old once beloved running shoes are now a wet muddy mess.  My new ones, however, are safe and dry.  Good decision on my part.

The trail had some unexpected hills that I wasn’t mentally prepared for.  And, my sopping hoodie was weighing me down.  I cannot believe how heavy that hoody got.  I felt like I had gained twenty pounds.  unable to take it anymore, I stripped it off and chucked it to the side of the trail.  It’s whereabouts, unknown.   No worries though, I have plenty of replacements and felt much lighter throughout the rest of the race.  The trail wound around wooded trees and although they were tall, they didn’t provide much cover from the rain.  I was soaking wet as I crossed the finish line, when I looked to my left for the time board I found it, missing.  The lady at the finish said the heavy rain damaged it, so they took it down.

Needless to say that race felt like a long one, but as I finally finished, as the first girl by the way, I was proud that I was able to keep going despite the terrible weather conditions.  After Aaron and I had both finished, we made our way back to the jeep and stood in awe.  The clouds were lifted and there was no rain to be seen.  Okay, maybe not that dramatic, but the rain had completely stopped!  Why does that always happen?  Why is it that whenever there is any big event something happens to derail it?  The answer…. it just does! It’s part of life.  You can preplan, plan and organize every detail of your entire life and something will still find a way to throw those plans off track.  Honestly, I am surprised they didn’t cancel the event last night, I mean lightning is usually the deciding factor if all that rain wasn’t.  But why would they?  They had put way to much work in to just up and quit.  What a waste that would have been.  No, Instead we ran anyway, and gained another experience I will never forget.  Yes, I wanted the weather to be more accommodating, but without the rain I wouldn’t have gotten muddy shoes or lost my hoody.  I wouldn’t have screamed, as I slipped while running as fast as I could in the mud.  I wouldn’t have pushed as hard as I did to get out of the rain. And because I did, I won a twenty five dollar gift certificate to Sports Authority,  got to spend quality time with my husband, and have another finished race under my belt.  Looking back, as much as I didn’t want to run in that crazy rain storm, I’m glad I did.  Because perfect is boring.

Standing inside where it is safe!!

Standing inside where it is safe!!