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Excuse the Dead

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I’ve been sick for a month.  It’s awful.  I can’t breath, I’m congested, and I have a hacking cough that will not go away.  I haven’t felt like doing anything, especially running.  Yet, I signed up for a little Halloween 5k  more than a month ago.  The Night of the Running Dead! I ran this a few years ago as a human and won a hundred bucks.  This year I planned to win as a zombie.  But being sick, I had to make a decision whether I wanted to run or not.  Since I paid for it, I didn’t intend to waste my money.  But because I was sick I decided not to train for it at all.  After all it’s just a 5k right?  I had an excuse, I didn’t feel well…  And the dead, they don’t run fast.

In PE I have many students who make up excuses about why they can’t run.  They’re sick, they stubbed their toe, their finger hurts… Seriously.  They decide not to try.  After all it’s just PE Right?  PE isn’t seen as such a huge deal these days, but those excuses from students are not only exaggerated, but also hold them back from so many opportunities.  They miss out on accomplishment.  On improvement, hard work, and success. Not to mention a good grade.  But most of all, they miss out on performing to their potential.

I didn’t train for my race and in consequence I didn’t perform well.  I was disappointed in myself.  Yes, It was a for fun Zombie race, not a huge deal.  And, I felt I did relatively well considering my illness, but that is just a cop out, an excuse.   “I did pretty well considering I didn’t train at all!”  What does that even mean?  What? You would have done better had training taken place?  Well no kidding!  Anyone can say that.  But now all you have is the feeling of falling short, of not going where you could have, had you tried.  Excuses keep you from seeing results, they keep you from trying and that’s no way to run. That’s no way to live!  And if you are excusing yourself from living at your full potential, you aren’t living.  And the dead, they don’t go anywhere.


Fun Run! Although I wish I would have trained. I can’t just run for fun… I don’t know why, I just can’t. I wanna wiiiiin!


Night of the Running Dead!

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A few weeks ago I participated in a race.  Not just any ordinary race… a race for the no longer living. The race for the running dead to be exact.  Now if you know me at all, you know that Zombies totally freak me out… but at the same time I love them.  So of course I couldn’t let this opportunity to out run the dead pass me up.  Basically this race was between humans and zombies.  First they set off the humans, then  two minutes later, they send the running dead after them.  I signed up as a human, some may think me boring but my goal was to win this race!  Yes, this race was mostly just for fun and to get into the halloween spirit, but this race also offered prizes.  One hundred bucks for the first place finisher, fifty for the second, and thirty five for the third.  yes i know, so much money…. but I’ll take a hundred bucks any day.  And even though it’s not a ton of money, you should pick the races you know you can win.  A race full of people dressing up as Zombies probably doesn’t have the best competition.  I felt I had  good chance of getting my hands on that hundred.

So there we were, me and my sad little group.  We were three to be exact.  We should have been five, but two flaked out.  I think they were too frightened to run.  Which I really can’t blame them… the zombies were quite terrifying! 

Anyway, after getting our numbers we set off for the starting line.  The starting line wasn’t as organized as I thought it would be.  Instead of keeping the Zombies away from the poor innocent humans like they explained, we were all kind bunched together in the same area.  It was terrifying.  Zombies and humans don’t get along very well.  And when the gun went off for the humans to start, some Zombies snuck into the start as well.  Zombies…. you really can’t control them.  But I escaped the zombies trying to get an early bite and went on my way.

I lost all my running companions at the starting craziness and realized I was on my own.  So I didn’t wait.  After all you only have to be faster than your companion if you want to survive.  What I loved about this race was that they had Sideline Zombies walking aimlessly through out the race.   They were at every turn groaning as you ran by, eating innocent people on the sidelines.  Those poor people screaming and pleading for runners to save them from getting eaten alive.  Sorry, can’t help, I’m trying to win a hundred bucks!  One of my running partners actually thought a sideline Zombies was a poor old lady, lost and confused and really needed help.  She being the more kind runner stopped to help her.  but, the old dead lady had to explain that she was a zombie and part of the act!

Overall I thought the race was really fun.  I was somewhat happy with the way I ran.  I really think I could have gone faster.  I didn’t push myself as much as I should of.  My official time was 20:19.  I took 5th place over all, but was the first girl to finish… so I did get my hands on that hundred.  What can I say?  Zombies really aren’t very fast.