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Strength is a Choice, Not a Situation

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Screenshot 2017-06-11 22.38.52I am the kind of person that gets bored easily.  It’s only been 4 days since school ended for the summer and already boredom is setting in.  Saying I enjoy being active is a humungous understatement.  Of course I want to be fit and healthy, but I also simply enjoy doing different activities that challenge me and open my eyes to something new, rather than just chilling on the couch watching Netflix, which don’t get me wrong…. I’ve done a lot of.  Becoming fit and healthy can be done in so many different ways.  The one thing it should never become is boring and monotonous.   If it is…. you are doing it wrong.  There are endless active opportunities to participate in.  It’s ridiculous!  And to say that you don’t enjoy exercise just means you haven’t found a passion yet.  So keep looking.

I have ADD when it comes to exercise.  My exercise regime is impulsive and sporadic, but guess what?  That is not necessarily a bad thing.  Having all your balls in one court, makes you an expert on that court and that court alone.  Sure, you’re an expert and also quite comfortable but strength comes from discomfort.  Once you have reached a high comfort level, it is time to reach for something else.  The more you do, the better you will become.  “The purpose of training is to tighten the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.”  Do you do that by doing pushups or sit-ups? Neither.  You dothis by trying, failing, and mastering multiple exercises and activities.  There is no secret formula that will make you an epitome of health.  The best part is that you get to choose the kind of strength you have.  You decide what you can and can’t do, what you’ll try and what you won’t, also what you achieve and HOW you fail.

There will be many times when you don’t feel like you accomplished anything.  And there will be things you simply cannot do.  You may have no way of succeeding.  The point is that you tried and that you gave everything to become something you can’t.  My husband and I are struggling with Infertility.  I’m not sure if I will ever have children… but it won’t be for lack of trying.  And I will go through Hell if only to try.  And I will be stronger for it.  Because other wise my “strength” is in something I already know I can do.  So here’s to the one thing you haven’t accomplished yet.  Go for it!  And don’t make excuses.  After all is said and done and you still couldn’t achieve, at least you will know you went as far as you personally could.  Your strength may not go as far as someone else’s.  To that,I’d say it’s a good thing you didn’t put all your balls in one court.


Reasons Change

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I’ve changed.  I am not the same person I was when I started this blog.  Nor have I written for a good chunk of time.  Running used to be an everyday event for me.  I ran because I loved it and was good at it, but also because it gave me a sense of clarity.  While I ran, my  thoughts ran as well.  It was my time to worry, to day dream, to train and improve myself.  It was my time to redirect my worries and thoughts into something successful, which made for some amazing free therapy and awe inspiring self confidence.  Recently, I have gotten away from that.  I don’t run anymore, at least not nearly as much.  And I’m not sure why; a combination between no motivation and a busy schedule?  Perhaps my recent health issues have played a part, Or I just simply burned out…

Whatever the reason,  Running is still a big part of my life because it’s kind of my job.  The track season just ended for my Jr. High Students and school is finally coming to a close, thank goodness!  I did run with my track athletes towards the end of this season.  Getting back into running has been difficult.  And, I have recently decided that anyone who has ever said they hate running is well justified.  But it only took one good running day… after many terrible ones…. to remind me of what I have been missing.  So, starting tomorrow, I am running.  I am not saying I am going to be the same dedicated, hot headed training runner I used to be, or even as fast, because I was pretty fast!  I am simply saying I am going to run.  The weather is warm….ish, May weather in Utah is more than just unpredictable.  But weather will not be an excuse nor will anything else.  I am going to give this another try.  I will sign up for some races, run on a daily basis and hopefully find some new reasons to stick with it this time around.  After all, I have changed.  I am a different person and need to learn how to train the new me.

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“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” Said the very wise Mark Twain… Sorry Mark your statement, although it made me laugh, is not accurate.  I’m going to be a Health Teacher, which I’m very excited as well as scared out of my mind about.  junior high students are.. in an awkward stage of life.  but I chose this profession because it is what I’m passionate and may be a little obsessed about.  Plus I want to get Mark Twain’s way of thinking out of people’s minds.  According to Marcus Valerius Martialis, “Life is not merely being alive, but being well.”  That line is a little more accurate.  but define well??  According to Plato, The part can never be well unless the whole is well.”  Your state of health influences every part of your life.  Every single part.  

The definition of health isn’t fitting into a size 4 jean, eating only fruits and veggies, or even running miles and miles without stopping.  Health encompasses everything, from your physical fitness to your state of mind, to your social life and they are all interrelated.  Your social life can affect your self confidence and emotional state which can, in turn, affect your motivation which affects physical fitness.  Your physical fitness/appearance/weight can affect your self confidence which can affect your social life, which affects your mental and emotional state.  See what I mean its a circle.  Each part affects the other, which ultimately affects the whole.  Does that make sense??

I have focused this blog on running… because I like it.  But running only takes care of a part.  You don’t have to run in order to be healthy, although it is very good for your cardiovascular system, muscles, bones, even brain activity, and is quite an effective tool in trimming fat.  Any type of exercise will help with the whole, but you need more, you need balance.  You need nutrition, exercise, knowledge, goals, friends, family, love, fun, sleep, hygiene, self fulfillment, and even self indulgence… like chocolate for example.  To sum all that up in one word? Balance.

So in order to keep your health, eat and drink a balanced diet, do what you want along with what you’d rather not because life requires both!  Work on all parts, weak and strong, because with just one missing you will never be whole.


Running Nutrition

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I’ve always believed in the expression “You Are What You Eat.”  And no, I never found the retort, “I don’t remember eating any sexy beasts lately,” very funny.  When training to become a champion runner, because that’s what everybody wants isn’t it?  To be not only a runner but a champion runner!  Or maybe that’s just me?  Well you can’t become a champion running on pop tarts, pizza, and Ramen noodles.  You need a nutrition plan.

Nutrition is tough especially with all the goodies, desserts, and not to mention chocolate lying around.  I mean some may run for the sole purpose of consuming more sweets!  I have gone running only to eat back every calorie in chocolate ice cream, particularly Chocolate Devotion from Cold Stone.  But once you get passed the phase of running for additional eating, you’ll get to the phase of eating for additional running!  Believe me you can tell the difference.  the second phase gets you a lot further around the track.

first off runners need hydration.  You cannot go far when dehydrated.  Water is where you live.  It is the best choice for runners.  It’s the best choice for people period!  But if the weather is extremely humid or you are running for longer than an hour pick a sports drink for replenishing purposes.  Soda will only bring you down.  My suggestion is to lose it completely.  It is full of sugar, preservatives, acids, and other ingredients that I have no idea what they are.  I don’t drink soda, haven’t for years, and don’t intend to ever!

Complex carbohydrates and protein is a key aspect to running and should consume 60% of your food intake.  You can find complex carbs in whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, whole grains.  All this needs to be whole, none of this enriched white stuff.  White is bad.  Protein is critical in repairing muscles and tendons after a run so eat a lot of protein but make sure it’s lean.  I stick to chicken and fish.  lean beef is probably an alright choice as well.  keep dairy products to a minimum they have a much higher fat concentration as well as more calories.

Also add a variety of food.  don’t eat the same thing everyday.  it’s summer and one of my favorite parts of summer is eating fruits and vegetables right from the garden in my back yard.  Everyone knows what consists of a healthy diet…  Get your recommended intake of each food group.  That includes the little triangle at the top of the pyramid that everyone is so against.  You just need to know how much is too much.  A little chocolate never hurt this running champion!

Getting in Shape

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So getting back into shape sucks when you let yourself get out of it.  A little advice… don’t let yourself go.  I haven’t been running much lately.  I’ve been tired, bored, unmotivated and its so hot outside!!  Those are lame excuses by the way so don’t use them.  Let me tell you from experience that trying to get back into shape is a lot worse than just keeping it up.

I’m at that stage now, the getting back into shape stage and it’s not fun.  I just ran 4 miles and felt like I was going to throw up.  running in the heat is hard! Running is hard period.  Here is the thing, running is different from any other kind of work out you do.  You do Yoga? play basketball?  Soccer?  Tennis?  So what… none of these sports will get you into the kind of shape you need for straight out running.  Of course, they can’t hurt!  Cross training definitely helps with overall fitness and will make getting into running shape quicker and easier.  But bottom line, running hurts when you haven’t ran for over a week.  Yep… thats how fast you lose it.  Even with all the other sports and work outs you do.  Getting into full running shape can take months, but losing it takes a week.  Not fair, in my opinion.  But I can tell you one thing, keeping it up is worth it.

Running is a lot easier to force when you are in shape but “aren’t feeling it” than when you’re out of shape and need to lose a few pounds.  I have noticed that when I’m feeling lazy, if I just force myself to go outside for a “quick” jog or even a walk, my laziness disappears.  I always end up running on those days because your adrenaline kicks in, your blood is flowing and that restless feeling goes away quick and you are in too good of shape to walk for long.  The out of shapers have a lot harder time trying to force them selves to run something they can barely walk.  So those of you who are out of shape, you have some work to do but once you get back, keep it that way.  Those of you who are in shape and feeling tired and lazy, suck it up!  It takes little effort to put on your running shoes and walk outside… even when you don’t want too.

Something crazy

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Something crazy happend today.  I was offered a job… for a school I didn’t even apply for!  It came as quite the shock to me.  Let me explain, See I had an Interview at Ben Lomond High School and it went really well in my opinion, but they told me up front that they were looking for a football coach, (go figure), as well as a health teacher.  They said there were applicants solely for the coaching position, applicants solely for the teaching position, and applicants for both coaching and teaching.  They were however, leaning towards hiring a coach who could also be involved in the school, but there is always a chance of getting hired right?

So I waited, and waited, and waited for a phone call that never came.  They told me they would let me know by the middle of that week.  I just figured I didn’t get the job.  Well a call finally came and I had figured right, I didn’t get it.  They did say that they were very impressed with me and that Highland Junior High was also looking for a health teacher and would hopefully be calling me in for an interview.  I kind of shrugged that statment off thinking, “oh, they are just being nice.”  But that night while I was at the track meet that would never end, I got a message from a Becky in the Human Resources Department.  She told me to call her in the morning so we could talk.  Okay… so this morning I called and she offered me a job teaching Health at Highland Junior High on the spot. 

Turns out, one of the many interviewers at Ben Lomond is becoming the new Principal at Highland Junior.  I had no idea my interview with The High School was also a potential interview with the junior high.  Crazy how things work out.

The Ramblings of an Angry Substitute

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I’m going in a different direction in this post.  I’m shifting my topic from running, sports and athletics to education.  I’m twenty four years old.. and career less.  Okay, yes I’m a Head Girls Track Coach, and an excellent one at that.  But I’m beginning to think I’m stuck as a substitute teacher for life.   I just can’t get hired in my field of Education (Health and PE) and the reasons why Do not make much sense to me.

I’m not trying to sound cocky or conceded but I would make one amazing health teacher.  I have a passion for it.  I live and breathe health principals… how many Health and PE teachers can you truly say that about?  Honestly, How many PE teachers did you have growing up whom were in great physical shape?  How many had teachers whom could be categorized under obese?   To get hired in the subject area of Health and PE it all comes down to what else you have to offer.  If you are a football coach you are automatically considered for the job, no questions asked!  My point?  I have several.  one, I am not getting hired because I am a young woman, who may or may not appear to have much experience.  Two, I am not a man and therefore can’t coach any men’s sports, and three I do not coach football.  I didn’t know those reasons could keep me from getting hired as a Health Teacher.

I understand that football is the most important sport ever invented.  I mean it gets the most funding, the most fans (you certainly don’t find that many fans at a track meet.), and most high school football players end up playing the sport their entire lives, moving from high school to college, and onto the pros.  Happens all the time right? so… that may be the exaggeration of the century.

I have nothing against football.  Sports can have a tremendous effect on students and their lives.  but I believe classroom learning is more important, especially when it comes to Health!  First off, not all students play sports.  Football coaches influence a lot more students in their classrooms than on their football field.  I’m not saying these coaches can’t be good health teachers… but that is not why they are hired.  They are hired for coaching and then placed into a health position because health is deemed as not  as important as other subjects… such as algebra, which I don’t even remember how to do anymore.  Health is only required for half a term.  And if you take a look at problems in a high school setting from drugs, to sex, to eating disorders, wouldn’t ya know it, these are all covered in a health class.  I’m just saying it may be smart to flip priorities to education first and athletics second.

Hire a health teacher for teaching purposes and then worry about coaching.  By hiring a coach over a teacher, the emphasis is placed on the importance of sports over education.    Which doesn’t make a much sense to me… but what do I know? I’m just a substitute.