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Summer List

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Summer is almost here!  finally.  Did winter seem long or was that just me?  My motivation slowly dies in the winter, along with everything else.  I hate not seeing the sun and I hate the cold!  This Winter has been a hard one and I’m not just talking about the intense weather conditions.  So because the snow has finally melted, I can’t help but to look forward to the joys of summer.  And now that I have a career that does not require me to work during the summer months, while still getting paid, I can enjoy the season so much more fully.   Don’t be too jealous.  Summer vacation for teachers is much deserved, trust me.  But how am I going to get the most out of my now free, empty, workless months?

Well I have a few ideas.

I’m turning 26 this summer… and I really don’t have much to show for it.  Don’t get me wrong I have a great life, career, family, and friends, but I haven’t experienced life outside my little bubble.  I’ve been so stuck in routine my whole life.  This summer I want things to be different.  It’s time to ditch routine.  I want to go places I’ve never been, do things I’ve never done, and why not? I have the whole summer.  Sad thing is I haven’t gone anywhere.  I’ve lived in Utah my whole life and haven’t even seen what it has to offer.  That said, I plan to do just that, explore Utah.  I want to see the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Arches national park.  I want to hike different trails and see the wonders they have to offer.

life is a race

I want to be involved in more races competitively.  I’m done with the “fun runs” and obstacle courses that aren’t timed. I want to race! 5k’s are my specialty and I would love to see where I fit in against some real competition.  I also plan to run a half marathon this summer, and I plan to place.  That is going to take some serious training, but I just bought the shoes for it, so I’m all set!


I also plan on traveling outside of Utah, I think its about time.  There are so many places I haven’t been, so I’m not really sure where to start.  The plan is to start with Florida, visit the beach, run in the sand, and I’m really excited to go to Harry Potter World… does that make me a nerd?  There are many other places I’d like to travel, however, I am not made of money.  but Hey, I have every summer from now to the end of my career!  Thats plenty of time to see new and exciting places.  okay, If I were you I’d a tab bit jealous…

I just don’t want this summer to be a waste, spent in days of boredom.  When I first started my career, I kind of thought everything else would just fall into place.   I see now that nothing falls into place, you’ve got to put it there.  It’s time I start putting the pieces together,  get a new routine.  My summer may be free and workless but it certainly isn’t going to be empty.



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Spring has been quite the season.  I have spent my days coaching track, running, substitute teaching, more running, playing soccer, and… oh yeah… running.  I’ve been busy, tired, and recently a little burned out!  Now that School has finally ended I decided to get away from my hectic everyday life and go camping at City of Rocks in Idaho.  I think every one should experience this place at least once.  It is absolutely beautiful and gives meaning to the phrase You Only Live Once.  (YOLO)

Here we are at the top of some tall rock getting ready to repel back down.  for some reason repelling terrifies me more than the actual rock climbing. but all of it requires trust in a single rope that is supposed to keep you falling eighty feet to your death!

 So more than once, on this crazy adventure, I found myself strapped to some rock, fifty feet up, freaking out.  Its a long way down, but one of the guys in attempt to give me courage turned and said to me… “YOLO.”  “I have no Idea what that means,” I replied.  He said, “it means You Only Live Once.”  I said… “I know! That’s why I’m freaking out!”  Even though I kind of turned that around on him, he’s right.  You only live once.  So get out there and experience something worth experiencing.  after you get over your initial fear you find yourself above it all and can enjoy the view!

And even though the journey up can be scary, it can also be a lot of fun!  see….

by the end of the Journey you may look like this.  Just means you didn’t hold back.  After all… you only live once.