Running has been the best teacher I’ve ever had.  I do a lot of thinking when out running the streets, and It has taught me a lot about myself.  I realized today, while out for a jog, that I am pretty stubborn in certain aspects of my life while pretty passive in others.  Both those words have very negative connotations to them.  I hate that the word stubborn is looked at as such a negative.  I mean, when looking up synonyms for the word you find, Uncompromising, difficult, contrary, and even pigheaded.  But in my mind being stubborn is actually a positive, when in the right context.  It can become empowering. Running is obviously an important topic to me.  I have a blog dedicated to it.  But running, to me, is a lot more than just a way to stay in shape.  It is what keeps me mentally, emotionally and physically strong and healthy.  I am very adamant about this belief and I show it.  I go running almost every day.  Even when I don’t want to, even when it hurts.  I do this because I have made up my mind to do so, and there isn’t anything that will change my mind about it.  Not even my own laziness.  Stubborn. I’m talking about making up your mind to accomplish something.  But for once I’m not talking about running, I’m talking about life.  I’m sure each and every person has an ideal of what they want to become.  It’s right there, deep down inside of you.  What do you want in life? What kind of person do you want to be?  What do you want to accomplish?  You can see it.  But the world gets in the way.  You find excuses, reasons to let those ideals pass by.  You put fear in control, you start thinking it’s too hard and settle for something easier or for something beneath your standard.  But running races has taught me that sometimes I have to look deep down within myself and reach for the reasons that keep me going and then make up my mind about them.  That is what helps me finish the race at the time I set for myself, that is what keeps me from settling for a slower pace, even when the race is painful, even when the race is hard. There are certain standards that I want to uphold as a person and as a member of my church.  There are things I want to accomplish; I want to be happy and successful, I want a good strong relationship with God, I want to be kind and encouraging, I want to be a great teacher and acquire the gift of persuading truth and motivating action, I want to get married and have kids, I want to be a good wife and mother, but mostly I want to be consistent.  To uphold high standards  even with all the so called”reasons” to settle for less.  Being a Pigheaded, Uncompromising Stubborn is imperative in this context. life is a race


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