Steps Towards Recovery

Being ill or injured sucks.  I think all serious injuries, whether a broken arm to a broken heart, affect the mind more than the actual physical body.  I’m still anemic and although I have felt progression towards recovery, I’m not progressing fast enough.  The thing with Anemia is that it’s not an injury or illness that people can see, it’s in my blood.  So, when I go out for a run, in my mind, there is no reason why I can’t do what I have always been able to.  Yet, I’m slow and can’t go as far.  It’s annoying.

I hold high expectations for my self and often think that I should be “this” and  should have accomplished “that” by now, despite my illness, injury, or weakness.  Why am I not where I should be?  You’ll drive yourself crazy thinking like this because you make yourself into a constant disappointment.  Life is progressive.  And we have all made significant progress.  But every once in a while, weakness, injury, or illness slow us down.   all you can do is work through it a step at a time.  Even if hope of recovery is slim or down right impossible. Even if baby steps are all that’s manageable.  Those steps may be considered small to the healthy and uninjured, but they may be the most difficult steps ever taken.   Pushing forward through difficulty defines progress and without progress, healing cannot take place.

So yes injuries, illnesses, and weaknesses are difficult and you should be annoyed by them.  But, by forcing yourself forward, progress will be made.  I can honestly say I am making progress,  with anemia anyway, even though my grandma can probably run faster than me right now.  but I will pass her up, eventually, as long as I don’t quit.  There is no reason why I can’t do what I have always been able to. I can overcome difficulty.


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