Chasing Shadows

It’s no big surprise when people tell me how much they hate running.   Back in the day, I despised it and am now  realizing why!  I didn’t have any incentive to run in high school.   I was pushed into cross-country because my comp soccer team fell apart.  So, going from chasing a ball to chasing my own shadow miles upon miles  in the blistering heat, seemed extremely pointless.  I was naturally fast but didn’t want or have any reason to work hard.  It wasn’t until my teammate beat me in a meet, that I actually became inspired to work harder.  That became my incentive.  A hated workout can completely change when there is something of value to work towards and documentation to show progress.

 This is sad, but I absolutely cannot run without my iPod.  If I go without, it’s as if my run didn’t count.  It is my sense of accomplishment.  It is what pushes me beyond my limits.  It is what keeps track of my progress.  I know some people enjoy stepping away from their electronics to go for a nice easy jog and enjoy nature.  Although I do enjoy running trails and seeing nature, I am not motivated by it, at all.  I’m movtivated by accomplishment and improvement.   I need my iPod to tell me my pace after each mile, I need it to play upbeat music, and I need it to document my run… on facebook, (I enjoy getting likes okay? And it holds me accountable.)

Point is, I have something that keeps my motivation.  Even if it is as stupid as posting a run on Facebook.  This app allows me to look back at every single run I’ve logged.  I can compare my first run of the year, to my run today.  I can see the distances I’ve covered and how many calories I’ve burned, what I’ve accomplished and what I need to improve upon.  Seeing your work documented, posted, or written down gives it meaning and becomes something you can build upon.  Without an incentive as well as documented progress, there is nothing to work on and nowhere to work from.  You are  simply chasing a shadow, an excruciatingly pointless way to spend your time.  But, let me know if you catch it.



One Response to “Chasing Shadows”

  1. In high school, I hated running because I wrestled and the only time I ran was to lose weight. Now, it actually relaxes me as I turn on my iPod and run for fun. Great post.

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