One of Those Days

Having one of those days?  We all have them… In fact, I’m having one today!  These are the days when nothing seems to go your way.  Work drags on and on, meetings are pointless, traffic is ridiculous, people are stupid (lets put an emphasis on that point), the weather is freezing, there’s nothing to eat, and the dog barfed on the kitchen floor!  I blame these days on stress… and other people… and the dog!  But mostly stress!  Stress is like boiling water; it continues building and building until finally it boils over, spilling down the sides, making a big mess.  That boiling pot needs an outlet of some kind, something to let out the heat.

Running serves as that outlet for me.  Sometimes you just need to blow off some steam and relieve some pressure. There is no better way to do that than to run as far away as possible.  Step away from problems at work, people and their stupidity, the barf on the floor, and run for your life!  Running provides a way to channel all that stress and aggression into something beneficial.  It provides me with time to clear my head, get out of a hectic environment, express anger in a way that isn’t crazy, while at the same time accomplishing fitness benefits.  Stress can make for an excellent work out! I find when I’m stressed to tears, I run faster, longer, and harder.  Probably because I’m trying to put at much distance from all the comotion as possible!

Running also floods the brain with Endorphins which are basically the  body’s  natural occuring opiates.  Hence the term “Runner’s High.”  They’re Mood changing hormones and are responsible for elevating one’s mood!   Causing you to come back from your work out with a much better outlook on life and hopefully the day, which is something I could defintely use at this moment.  But… how much better can barf  look… really?  It’s definitely time for a run.


One Response to “One of Those Days”

  1. This is exactly why I started running and why I am now a “running junkie.” Got to get that high, which keeps me moving everyday. Happy running!

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