Bold Wear

Yes, it is true.  I like to shop.  What can I say? I’m a girl.  But I’m not one of those girls who can spend hours upon hours at the mall.  I get sick of shopping pretty quick, unless I’m shopping for something specific and one of those somethings is running apparel.  Running is for the mentally and physically tough.  One should look the part, don’t ya think?  Clothing is one way to portray this.  BE BOLD!


I could spend every dime in my bank account on running gear; shoes, socks, tank tops, shorts, and winter wear.  New running apparel serves as my motivation.  And I’m sure it could boost your motivation as well.  If I buy a sweet new pair of running shorts, I have to get out there and show them off… along with my amazing running skills.  I like bold colors that are bright and exciting.  It just screams run to me.  And when running by, you’ll see a swift blur of color, then suddenly it’ll be gone as quickly as it came.


Yes, it is true.  I enjoy running.  What can I say, I’m crazy!  Some of you may not believe that running can be exciting at all, even with the extravagant running wear.  Well you are wrong!  But, the apparel only does so much.  You’ve got to change things up every once in a while.  Each running occasion can require different kinds of running gear.  Run in different locations; in the sand, in the rain, at night.  Find different running trails and enjoy the scenery.  Sign up for races; there’s The Ragnar, obstacle courses, 5k’s, 10k’s, and if you’re really excited a marathon.  Competition always makes running more exciting.  Run with and against your friends, if you have any.  Run down a mountain; believe me when I say there is plenty of excitement to running down a steep slope, avoiding rocks, trees, and a potentially painful face plant. 

Hopefully falling is not a regular occurrence for most runners.  but if you do happen to trip and eat asphalt, at least you will look stylish while doing so,  making that fall a lot less embarrassing.  Although,  Your bright clothing may attract more attention than you want at that moment… it adds to the excitment!  And blood can only add to the appeal.  The color red couldn’t be more BOLD.



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