adversarial Flower

“The flower that blooms in adversity is the rarest and most beautiful of all. ” Some of the best quotes are off Disney Movies..  I have recently been thinking a lot about losses, trials, or to spell it out simply, bad experiences.  I watched the Layton High girls play in the State Championship Game a while ago.  They did so well in the state tournament.  It took me back to MY high school days.  They played hard all season working to reach the state title.  Yet,  once they got there they couldn’t finish.  It happens.  What was the point of all that hard work when they lost it all in the end?
I have come a long way since high school.  I’m not even the same person!  In high school I was this skinny, odd, airheadish, lazy, shy, unconfident, little girl.  Although I still have a lot of these same qualities, I’ve improved myself significantly since then.  I can attribute my improvement to all the “traumatic” experiences I’ve dealt with in my lifetime.  Not that they have really been all that horrible.  as I Look back at my high school problems, thinking they were awful at the time, are now somewhat hilarious.  But however stupid those so called problems were, they were problems none the less.  In High School I had things I wanted to become, things I wanted to accomplish, but those things were seemingly out of reach.  But those three years taught me that most things aren’t necessarily unreachable if one works hard enough to get there.
I have played basketball my entire life.  Well, let me rephrase that… I have loved basketball my entire life, but most the time I warmed the bench.  Once I got to high school, basketball was the top of my priorities.  I wanted a starting position.  I wanted to be the star, but I lacked confidence, and to state it harshly, skill.  The girls on my team were so talented.  Layton hasn’t seen such talent since my year, and I’m not being biased.  It was hard not to feel unconfident when playing with them.  But even with all our talent, we struggled.  My sophomore year we made it to State but  lost in the semi finals.  My Junior year we made it to the Championship game, but lost again!  after all that, it would have been easy to say,  “it’s no use, we can’t reach it.”  But we didn’t.  My senior year we were determined.  We put it all together and became State Champions with ease.  I played a total of twenty seconds in that game.  Something I’ve never truly admitted to anyone because I was always embarrassed about it.  But thats the point.  I learned something from that game….  All my teams hard work paid off and If they could do it, why couldn’t I?  I have long since proven to myself that I can hold my own in a game a basketball.  Yes, it would of been nice to have gained that skill and confidence in high school when it counted, but it’s the principal of the matter.  I learned I was capable of more.
In high school I wasn’t only just a skinny nerd, I did have some talents.  I was a natural runner, which most high schoolers thought was pretty nerdy.  I did cross-country my freshman year and I was good.  But, I hated running!  it was painful and considered lame.  But despite my lack of dedication, I was among the top runners on my team.  Cross country taught me how to get through unpleasant situations as well as unbearable pain.  Even though running was low on my list of priorities, I ran every single mile in practice and in meets with out stopping, even when I hated it.  (Which was basically every day of the season.)  I have turned that hate into love.  I now love everything about running.  Yes, it is hard and sometimes I don’t want to do it, but that is what makes it so worth while!  It gives me a sense of accomplishment.
after high school I went off to college to become a health teacher.  Little did I know what I was getting myself into.  College was fun and I loved it.  I gained a passion for health and fitness and graduated with high hopes of finding a job.  That job didn’t come as quickly as I would have liked.  so I was stuck mowing lawns and smelling like grass for yet another summer.  I started substitute teaching in the fall and sometimes felt I might die of boredom sitting in class after class watching students do busy work all day.  It took me two years to find the glorious job I have now.  But two years of managing students whose behavior, changes significantly when their regular teacher is not around, helped to prepare me for the crazy junior high students I spend so much time with now a days.
There is always going to be something you want that is hard to obtain, that takes time to obtain.  You may hate working toward what you want at times, but If it was easy it wouldn’t mean anything.  obtaining a dream is an amazing accomplishment!  But it’s not the actual dream that has the meaning.  The meaning is in the journey, is in the growth that takes place while traveling toward it.  And because of that growth, we can better accept the end result, win or lose, success or failure.  We may even start out chasing a dream and on the way change our dream completely.  In reality we are all late bloomers.  We may bloom and flourish in one area and wilt away in another.  But the point is that we tried and became better for it!  As long as we are improving on the quest toward our dream, only then will the end result be truly worth while.  Lady Lancers, you all played wonderfully.  Don’t think about the loss, think about the season.  Think about the struggles you overcame.  Think about your teammates and how you came together.  Think about where you first started compared to where you finished.  Think about the hard work and how it really did pay off.  It happened.

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