Nice Shoes!

Those who play basketball know that high quality shoes are very important.  You really can’t play basketball in any other kind of shoe.  the first thing you do when you see a baller is check out their shoes, only then can you decide if the player is legit or not.  Basketball is my favorite sport, so naturally I bought myself some really expensive Nike basketball shoes.  It was about time!  I had owned my old pair for years and years.

Anybody who knows me also knows that I have a history of losing things.  I lose my chapstick, my phone, my car keys, I even lost my car in a parking garage once and was frantically searching for it for quite some time.  With that said, I had worn my new shoes a grand total of four times before I lost them, I think that is a new record.  I was playing an intramural basketball game in Rexburg with my ward and after the game I went into the locker room, changed, and walked home.  About an hour or so later, I realized i didn’t have my shoes!  I had left them in the locker room.  Naturally I went back for them, but to my dismay they weren’t there.  I checked the lost and found in the locker room, the issue room, and the MC building.  My shoes were gone!  But no one would steal used basketball shoes would they?

well, I was back to using my old smelly shoes again.  I was infuriated, but tried my best to move on, after all it was my own fault.  A few weeks later I went to the BYU Idaho Competitive League Tryouts.  Yes, they have official try outs and everything.  At tryouts the coaches, whom are just student volunteers, placed us in groups and moved us from station to station while trying to recruit players… or potential dating partners?  At one particular station they set up a scrimmage.  we were to play man on man defense.  So, I found a girl to guard, looked down, and couldn’t believe my eyes.  My shoes were on her feet!!  I stopped playing defense at that moment to think.  “were those really my shoes or was it just a coincidence?” “What are the chances that we both bought the same exact shoes?” “Her feet do look the same size as mine.”  “Do I say something to her?”

Throughout the tryout I was sure to stay extra close to this girl and try to work up the courage to say something.  She probably thought I was a creep.  But every time I came close to asking, where on earth she got those good looking shoes, I chickened out!  How do I even bring something like that up?  “those look exactly like a pair of shoes I lost, where’s ya get um?”  Actually that sounds pretty good. But I really am a chicken,  and I didn’t really want them back after she placed her sweaty feet in them.  So I didn’t say a word and just let it go.  However, I do know that she is one legit basketball player.  She had some sweet shoes.


2 Responses to “Nice Shoes!”

  1. did you ever find your pair of shoes that you got for christmas?

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