According to Webster’s Dictionary, to Endure means to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding.  You must develop that quality if you want to become a successful distance runner.  But endurance does not just pertain to running.  You must have endurance through out life.   This gift isn’t something you are just born with.  One thing I’ve learned from running is that Endurance is built gradually, you’ve just got to keep running.

Most people can’t just wake up one day and decide to run a marathon.  At least I don’t know of any.  It takes months of training, especially if you want to do well.  To take on a long distance race, you need rigorous training.  Sometimes you’ve got to suffer in order to get better.  If it’s easy, there is no improvement.  But after a few weeks of difficult training, the next few weeks become easier and easier.  And when that happens, you know you are improving.  But the suffering never ends.  If you continue running, you will continue to face challenges; hills, injuries, set backs, etc.  But you’ll continue to improve as long as you remain firm.

Life is the longest distance race we’ll ever have to endure.  It takes years and years to find success and before that happens we have to go through many trials, misfortunes, and failures.  But moments of clarity come at certain points in the race and you remember what you are running for.  Thats why its important you run for something worth while.  We may start down one path only to turn around and start another.  We may choose paths that lead to dead ends, but we must keep running.  The only way to build endurance is to keep going, You’ll get there slowly but surely.  Life is after all an endurance race.


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