Running in the Snow

brrrrrrrrrr it chilly outside and a fresh blanket of snow has finally found its way onto our running trails.  Running in the cold can definitely put a damper on your running motivation.  I do not particularly like running in the cold and snow.  In fact, I pretty much hate it.  It makes ears ache, noses run, and breathing painful.  And I find it quite dangerous for those of us who may be a bit clumsy on dry ground, let alone slush and ice.  Plus people tend to think runners out in cold weather are crazy!  But cold weather is just another excuse and shouldn’t stop you from getting a good run in. Real runners run all year around!


With that said…. I ran outside in the snow for the first time yesterday!  Guess I’m not quite a real runner yet.  It took me a while to scrounge up the motivation but once I sucked it up, I found winter running beautiful!  Of course I had to steer clear of snow banks, dodge ice patches, avoid slush pools and focus all my concentration on where I was stepping, making the white wonderland more difficult to enjoy, but made for a more exciting run than usual.

I have decided I don’t need to be scared of the snow and cold, I just need to be prepared.  There are a lot of clothing options for winter runners that I have always found hard to resist when at the mall.  They are fun to wear too.  Did you know they have shoes specifically for running in the snow? Of course they do!   I could definitely use some… learned that the hard way while running yesterday.  They even have non slip attachments you can put on your favorite running shoes if you don’t want to buy a new pair.


So that solves the ice excuse.  Having the right apparel solves the cold excuse.  It can also help with motivation!  If you have the stuff you might as well use it.  What’s going to stop us from running now?  We are running out of excuses, literally!  I for one am done with excuses.  I’m going to be out there running in the snow like a champ and I’ll do it looking like this.


Call me crazy, but I’m not going to let a little cold stop me.  As long as I’m warm and slip free I don’t care because I run all year around.


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