A Losing Season

Losing is not necessarily a bad thing.  Losing provides a chance to learn how to fix weaknesses and become better.  There is always a loser in every sport you play.  But when its you who is constantly losing… that can’t be a good thing. Involvement in a losing season is tough.  You lose a lot more than just a game, when you lose every game of the season.

I’m coaching basketball this year, well I’m assisting, and we have not won once.  we’ve lost every game by more than twenty points.  It’s pretty sad.  I’m not used to losing so much and I see the toll it takes on the girls.  The girls think they suck at basketball, which is probably not too far from reality to be perfectly honest.  But I still think you can learn something from a losing season.  You learn more about yourself and how you handle losing.
I watch these girls and their reactions to loss.  There are a few girls whom are just working to improve.  they love basketball and want to play, that’s it.  But the majority of the girls are frustrated, have no motivation, don’t care, and many have quit!  We’ve had ten girls quit this season.  We don’t have a sophomore team, we barely have a JV team.  And they all quit because they didn’t think we were going to win games.
 Mind set contributes significantly to a losing season as well as a winning season.  These girls don’t care enough to win.  They don’t even care enough to play. I honestly believe that any team can win games, if only a few, when they have the will.  Even if they are the most uncoordinated, un-athletic team out there.   “If there is a will, there is a Way!” Right?  The will is what makes teams work.  It’s what drives them.  It’s what makes them improve.  But you’ve got to have the right attitude and be able to handle the losses and use them for motivation.
Yes… losing sucks, and I always get a little upset.  That may an understatement because I absolutely hate losing.  But losing can be a good thing if you don’t let it become acceptable.  My team is beginning to accept losing.  They have fallen into a trap and are no longer trying to break free.  When teams or individuals start feeling comfortable with losing, that is when the  loss becomes more than a loss.  It becomes demoralizing.  Those who don’t accept losing believe they are winners.  Those who accept losing believe they are losers.  And with that mind set, you’ll never learn to win.

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