In One moment you’re running the familiar. You know every street, every turn, every hill. Your pace is strong and quick with a sense of confidence and comfort.  but you are growing tired, bored, and you want more.  You see potential and want to go where you were meant to.
The next moment you are suddenly running the unfamiliar. Your pace slows with a sense of fear as you enter the unknown. What will await you on the streets, turns, and hills of uncertainty?  Is this what you wanted?  To continually improve and conquer goals not yet conquered.  Hardships and setbacks arrive, but you venture forward because complacency doesn’t become you.  Or are you content with living stagnant?

So keep running from one moment to the next! The unfamiliar will eventually become familiar. If led into uncertainty you can only end up certain of something. Your pace will quicken, your stride will lengthen, your confidence will return.  You have unlimited potential that can take you where you are meant to… but you decide where you are meant to end up.


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