Foam Fest

I ran the Foam Fest on Saturday.  I love these races.  The Foam Fest, Color Me Rad, And Dirty Dash provide a good break from plain old running in the street trying to put your daily miles in.  This is the Foam Fest!  These races are really just for fun.  I don’t even know if they time you or not.  I do know that they give out good quality t-shirts that fit better than any other race I’ve competed in and that is including the Ragnar.  My Ragnar t shirt is short and boxy… very unflattering and you’d think they would be better quality considering the race cost 120 bucks.  These Races are always well organized, put together and not to mention a heck of a lot cheaper, although they can get pricey if you don’t sign up early.

This run we dressed up like GI Joes… Our Team name… Sloppy GI Joes.  I thought it was clever.  there wasn’t as much mud as I thought there was going to be so we didn’t get as sloppy as I thought we would.



But we look good in any condition… even when covered in foam.  Just so you know the foam did not taste very good, nor were you allowed to breathe it in.  We were told to hold our breath while going through it, which proved to be very difficult because the foam tends to get all up in your business including  your eyeballs, nose, and mouth.  I couldn’t see anything and had trouble wiping it away with hands also covered in foam.  I enjoyed this race and am getting excited for ones in the future.  One of these days I’ll sign up for a tough mudder or something a little more competitive.


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