Getting in Shape

So getting back into shape sucks when you let yourself get out of it.  A little advice… don’t let yourself go.  I haven’t been running much lately.  I’ve been tired, bored, unmotivated and its so hot outside!!  Those are lame excuses by the way so don’t use them.  Let me tell you from experience that trying to get back into shape is a lot worse than just keeping it up.

I’m at that stage now, the getting back into shape stage and it’s not fun.  I just ran 4 miles and felt like I was going to throw up.  running in the heat is hard! Running is hard period.  Here is the thing, running is different from any other kind of work out you do.  You do Yoga? play basketball?  Soccer?  Tennis?  So what… none of these sports will get you into the kind of shape you need for straight out running.  Of course, they can’t hurt!  Cross training definitely helps with overall fitness and will make getting into running shape quicker and easier.  But bottom line, running hurts when you haven’t ran for over a week.  Yep… thats how fast you lose it.  Even with all the other sports and work outs you do.  Getting into full running shape can take months, but losing it takes a week.  Not fair, in my opinion.  But I can tell you one thing, keeping it up is worth it.

Running is a lot easier to force when you are in shape but “aren’t feeling it” than when you’re out of shape and need to lose a few pounds.  I have noticed that when I’m feeling lazy, if I just force myself to go outside for a “quick” jog or even a walk, my laziness disappears.  I always end up running on those days because your adrenaline kicks in, your blood is flowing and that restless feeling goes away quick and you are in too good of shape to walk for long.  The out of shapers have a lot harder time trying to force them selves to run something they can barely walk.  So those of you who are out of shape, you have some work to do but once you get back, keep it that way.  Those of you who are in shape and feeling tired and lazy, suck it up!  It takes little effort to put on your running shoes and walk outside… even when you don’t want too.


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