Pre Race Freak Out.


So the Ragnar is tomorrow and I have been training for quite some time now. But, despite all my hard work, with the race being so soon, I don’t feel ready. No need to freak out right? I mean this is a common feeling before a nice, long, perhaps too long of a race, in which you get very little sleep and yet are expected to run three races within a two day period. But I’ve got to be positive because i have been training hard. I’m ready…

but come to find out I’m running a lot more miles in this thing than I originally planned. I was told each of my legs would be around five to six miles… Pah! That was a lie. My first leg is 8.7 miles. I’m running 22 miles total!! That’s almost a marathon. I didn’t sign up for a marathon, I certainly haven’t been training for one. Plus, two weeks ago I started my summer job as a lawn mower. I come home every afternoon a little tired, a bit hot, and a light shade of green. Needless to say, my motivation to run started to dwindle and my work outs suffered.

So much for being positive eh? But I have come to a decision; I am going to trust that my training and hard work is sufficient. After all I have ran many miles, interval trained, worked in the heat, played soccer, played basketball, played more soccer, purchased new running shoes, and more importantly I’ve done my best. And that is all I can do.
So tomorrow… big day! Nothing to freak out over. It is just a race and I’m ready… I think.


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