Spring has been quite the season.  I have spent my days coaching track, running, substitute teaching, more running, playing soccer, and… oh yeah… running.  I’ve been busy, tired, and recently a little burned out!  Now that School has finally ended I decided to get away from my hectic everyday life and go camping at City of Rocks in Idaho.  I think every one should experience this place at least once.  It is absolutely beautiful and gives meaning to the phrase You Only Live Once.  (YOLO)

Here we are at the top of some tall rock getting ready to repel back down.  for some reason repelling terrifies me more than the actual rock climbing. but all of it requires trust in a single rope that is supposed to keep you falling eighty feet to your death!

 So more than once, on this crazy adventure, I found myself strapped to some rock, fifty feet up, freaking out.  Its a long way down, but one of the guys in attempt to give me courage turned and said to me… “YOLO.”  “I have no Idea what that means,” I replied.  He said, “it means You Only Live Once.”  I said… “I know! That’s why I’m freaking out!”  Even though I kind of turned that around on him, he’s right.  You only live once.  So get out there and experience something worth experiencing.  after you get over your initial fear you find yourself above it all and can enjoy the view!

And even though the journey up can be scary, it can also be a lot of fun!  see….

by the end of the Journey you may look like this.  Just means you didn’t hold back.  After all… you only live once.


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