Track is Over!

So Track has officially ended.  I’m free! oh… I mean, I’m sad…  Not that I didn’t enjoy coaching and getting to know the Layton High Track Stars because I really did, but meets were insanely long.  Friday we went to the last track meet of the season.  State was held at BYU and it never ended.  Its probably still going.  The meet started at 7 in the am and ended around 8:30 in the pm.  Yep, and then it continued onto the next day for finals, which I’m not exactly sure how long that day lasted because I didn’t go.  I had a good excuse.

What was frustrating about Friday was that we had to share a bus with Northridge… because we only had one runner in State that day.  Layton Represent!  Nothing against Northridge but our runner was done with his event, the 110 meter Hurdles, at 9:30 in the morning.  He took 9th place by the way. So we were done, finished…  But couldn’t leave because Northridge had to have runners in the 4 by 4, which is the very last race of the meet.  We could have been home by 11:00! But there we were, standing in the pouring rain watching runners we don’t even know for 13 hours.  Of course it had to rain right?  Despite all my complaining, the Layton athletes helped make the day better and I actually had some fun at this meet.

I mean don’t get me wrong… the first 4 hours of the meet were terrible.  The part of the track team that came to support our one runner was hogging the only tarp, so coach Bell and I were the unfortunate ones stuck in the rain… wet, cold, and watching 5 heats of each event with no one to cheer for… so we cheered against Davis.  Didn’t do much good though, they won state yet again.  Big surprise… I mean, congratulations!  Well, some of the track team and I couldnt’ take it anymore so we walked aroud BYU’s campus.  This is what the Layton High Track Team does at State…. because  no one is running in it anyway.

Nope not one layton runner there… this picture doesn’t give the rain its justice because its pouring and you can’t really tell.  See all the umbrellas?  It would have been smart to bring one.

Instead of watching a bunch of runners lose to Davis, we’d rather watch a herd of stuffed monkeys.  This is in the Bean Museum at BYU.

This is a giant squirrel.. I think.  this is definitely my favorite animal in the museum.

Those two boys standing beneath the poor gazelle are some of my distance runners.

towards the end of the meet my runners were begging me to buy them ice cream! They think I’m made of money or something… so we took the cheap route and went to Smiths.  Of course, I don’t give them anything for free.  I made work for it by walking the two miles to get there.  so, I guess it’s okay that they ate the entire tub on the walk back.  It killed time and the rain stopped!

As you can see by the end of the meet the rain cleared and it was actually really hot outside.  Annoying.  But I just want to say that even though we only had two athletes in state this year  I’m grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the Layton High Track Team.  The athletes are amazing people and I’m so glad I had the chance to get to know them.  I’m Leaving Layton High and am actually really sad about it.  I love the school and can honestly say that the students here are the best I’ve ever taught/coached.  And I’m scared to death to leave and start teaching a buch a little junior high kids.  My last experience with junior high students was.. we’ll say interesting.  Thank you Layton High for being my home away from home.  I hope one day I can return.  When that day comes, lets have more than two runners qualify for state okay?  I’ll miss you.


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