Something crazy

Something crazy happend today.  I was offered a job… for a school I didn’t even apply for!  It came as quite the shock to me.  Let me explain, See I had an Interview at Ben Lomond High School and it went really well in my opinion, but they told me up front that they were looking for a football coach, (go figure), as well as a health teacher.  They said there were applicants solely for the coaching position, applicants solely for the teaching position, and applicants for both coaching and teaching.  They were however, leaning towards hiring a coach who could also be involved in the school, but there is always a chance of getting hired right?

So I waited, and waited, and waited for a phone call that never came.  They told me they would let me know by the middle of that week.  I just figured I didn’t get the job.  Well a call finally came and I had figured right, I didn’t get it.  They did say that they were very impressed with me and that Highland Junior High was also looking for a health teacher and would hopefully be calling me in for an interview.  I kind of shrugged that statment off thinking, “oh, they are just being nice.”  But that night while I was at the track meet that would never end, I got a message from a Becky in the Human Resources Department.  She told me to call her in the morning so we could talk.  Okay… so this morning I called and she offered me a job teaching Health at Highland Junior High on the spot. 

Turns out, one of the many interviewers at Ben Lomond is becoming the new Principal at Highland Junior.  I had no idea my interview with The High School was also a potential interview with the junior high.  Crazy how things work out.


2 Responses to “Something crazy”

  1. That is awesome! Congratulations Nikki! Where is Highland? Salt Lake?

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