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Doing Too Much??

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Over training.  Is there really such a thing?  Why would anyone have this problem?  I had never experienced it until recently.  I have always been obsessed with working out everyday and being physically active, but these passed two months I think I’ve entered the level of over doing it just a tad.  Runners, when training for a long distance race, longer than a 10k, You need to be careful.  Yes, you want to put in some serious distance, but intense distance every day may be pushing it a bit.

I am training for the Ragnar which is June 15-16 this year.  I am also on three league soccer teams and a basketball team.  Mondays and Wednesdays I have soccer games and Tuesdays I have both soccer and basketball games.  On top of all that I have also been running 20 plus miles a week .  Am I doing too much?  Needless to say it has started to wear me down.  I first noticed a difference on a cloudy afternoon, a perfect day for running, I was determined to knock out an easy paced 5 to 6 miles.  This was on a Thursday the day after my three hectic days of non stop games and training.  When I first started my work out I felt strangely fatigued.  I felt as if it was very early in the morning and my muscles hadn’t had a chance to wake up yet.  But the feeling never went away.  I was dying the whole first mile and was running slowly.  Also my mental clarity wasn’t the same.  I’m usually focused on the mileage and have a sense of determination during my run.  This time I was only focused on stopping.

So I looked up some facts on over training and here’s what I found. It usually not a problem of too much training but a problem of too little rest. Your body needs a chance to recover.  You do not instantly become stronger after a great workout.  Yes, the work out part is required to become stronger.  You need to break yourself down first in order to build yourself back up, but it won’t do you any good by skipping the build up part and that is where resting comes in.  You become stronger when you give your body a chance to rest and recover properly after a hard workout.

So if you find yourself with signs of Over training, which are; decreased physical performance, heavy legs, increased resting heart rate, increased susceptibility to illness, chronic muscle soreness or fatigue, slower recovery, increased perceived exertion, loss of enthusiasm for running, change in sleeping patterns, and loss of appetite; then stop and take a rest for a few days.  You don’t want to break your self down to nothing.  That may be pushing it a bit.


Running Partner

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I’ve gone through many running partners throughout the years, but have never had one stick.  What can I say, I’m a complicated runner.  In my defense, finding the right running partner is a difficult thing to accomplish.  See, You don’t want a partner that is so far above you that you can’t keep up, nor do you want a partner that’ll hold you back or slow you down.  you want someone who will push you.  Someone who will help you improve and reach your destination.  someone who can make the run fun and exciting.  Someone who can run with you even when it’s tough.

I think I’m at a point where I can call myself a somewhat expereinced runner,  I’ve been around the block a few times, if you will.   I have become really good at pushing and motivating myself.  I now enjoy running alone and almost perfer it to running with a partner.  I don’t feel like I get as good a work out with someone else, at least not anymore.  There was a time however when I had to have a running partner to keep myself going.

Take high school for instance.  I ran cross country and I couldn’t stand it!  I did however have an awesome running partner.  Her name was Brianne, or is Brianne.  She was my firsrt running partner of all time and we were so in sync.  She was the first to show me the benefits of having someone there running next to me.  Then she graduated and I was all alone, so I quit…  Talk about dedication.

Once I graduated, I picked running back up again and adopted a new running partner.  My dog Gunner.  He was so fun to run with!  He had a way of making my runs more dramatic.  I then became a much bigger attraction to other dogs, they attacked us on a regular basis.  Gunner also has a problem with his bowel movements when running.  He can’t go for one run without pooping three or  four times along the way.  I don’t know why he can’t just let it all out in one sitting.  so I guess with him you could say we did interval training… stop, go, stop, go.  But despite all that, he pushed me and made my runs a lot more interesting.  Then I went off to college and when I came back he was fat, fat and lazy.  Now when I take him running he has to stop and lay down in the middle of the run.  I’m sure I’ve become faster than when I first graduated from high school, but thats no excuse.  He has four legs…  I’ve moved on.

In college I ran by myself for a bit, then found a new running partner, Shayna.  She and I ran everyday around campus and looked really good doing so.  We had a lot of fans who would whistle at us as we ran by.  Oh how I miss running with her.  Our running relationship lasted around two or three semesters and then she got a boyfriend and that was the end of me.  It happens.  I then started running with guys, girls just weren’t enough for me anymore. (Couldn’t help myself.) Running with guys helped push me a lot more, they were pretty fast and I learned to keep up.  They really helped me improve.  Those running relationships didn’t last too long either.  I tend to leave people in the dust.  So I’m back to running alone again.

I’m sure the right running partner is out there somewhere waiting for me!  I just need to find him. But he needs to be able to keep up.  Especially when I try running away.

Track is Over!

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So Track has officially ended.  I’m free! oh… I mean, I’m sad…  Not that I didn’t enjoy coaching and getting to know the Layton High Track Stars because I really did, but meets were insanely long.  Friday we went to the last track meet of the season.  State was held at BYU and it never ended.  Its probably still going.  The meet started at 7 in the am and ended around 8:30 in the pm.  Yep, and then it continued onto the next day for finals, which I’m not exactly sure how long that day lasted because I didn’t go.  I had a good excuse.

What was frustrating about Friday was that we had to share a bus with Northridge… because we only had one runner in State that day.  Layton Represent!  Nothing against Northridge but our runner was done with his event, the 110 meter Hurdles, at 9:30 in the morning.  He took 9th place by the way. So we were done, finished…  But couldn’t leave because Northridge had to have runners in the 4 by 4, which is the very last race of the meet.  We could have been home by 11:00! But there we were, standing in the pouring rain watching runners we don’t even know for 13 hours.  Of course it had to rain right?  Despite all my complaining, the Layton athletes helped make the day better and I actually had some fun at this meet.

I mean don’t get me wrong… the first 4 hours of the meet were terrible.  The part of the track team that came to support our one runner was hogging the only tarp, so coach Bell and I were the unfortunate ones stuck in the rain… wet, cold, and watching 5 heats of each event with no one to cheer for… so we cheered against Davis.  Didn’t do much good though, they won state yet again.  Big surprise… I mean, congratulations!  Well, some of the track team and I couldnt’ take it anymore so we walked aroud BYU’s campus.  This is what the Layton High Track Team does at State…. because  no one is running in it anyway.

Nope not one layton runner there… this picture doesn’t give the rain its justice because its pouring and you can’t really tell.  See all the umbrellas?  It would have been smart to bring one.

Instead of watching a bunch of runners lose to Davis, we’d rather watch a herd of stuffed monkeys.  This is in the Bean Museum at BYU.

This is a giant squirrel.. I think.  this is definitely my favorite animal in the museum.

Those two boys standing beneath the poor gazelle are some of my distance runners.

towards the end of the meet my runners were begging me to buy them ice cream! They think I’m made of money or something… so we took the cheap route and went to Smiths.  Of course, I don’t give them anything for free.  I made work for it by walking the two miles to get there.  so, I guess it’s okay that they ate the entire tub on the walk back.  It killed time and the rain stopped!

As you can see by the end of the meet the rain cleared and it was actually really hot outside.  Annoying.  But I just want to say that even though we only had two athletes in state this year  I’m grateful for the opportunity to be apart of the Layton High Track Team.  The athletes are amazing people and I’m so glad I had the chance to get to know them.  I’m Leaving Layton High and am actually really sad about it.  I love the school and can honestly say that the students here are the best I’ve ever taught/coached.  And I’m scared to death to leave and start teaching a buch a little junior high kids.  My last experience with junior high students was.. we’ll say interesting.  Thank you Layton High for being my home away from home.  I hope one day I can return.  When that day comes, lets have more than two runners qualify for state okay?  I’ll miss you.

Race training!

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So I just signed up for the Ragnar, kind of a last minute decision considering the Ragnar is a month away.  But I run every day so I don’t think I’m too far behind.  Usually I run between 3 and 4 miles daily… but the Ragnar consists of three legs of varying distances.  Since my legs will measure out to around 6 or 7 miles, I need to up the mileage in my training routine.  But I’m very competitive so I’m going to want a good time.  Right now I’m running 7ish minute miles and have been able to keep that pace throughout 4 miles.  I need to be able to keep that pace for 7 miles straight, during three different legs, within a two day period. How?  This is my training advice for anyone training for a 5K, 10K, Ragnar, or even a marathon.  Training for any race is relatively the same.

First, you just have to put the miles in.  It doesn’t really matter how fast or how slow.  Long distance days are a must in these kinds of races.  But on these days it’s okay to take it a little bit slow.  You can work on speed later.  You just have to make sure you can actually run the distance, which you may have to build up to slowly.  Start out with what you can handle, and slowly increase mileage from there each week.  Endurance comes first, speed comes later.  Eventually, by continuous running, the miles will get easier, which means you will increase speed solely by running.  By building your endurance you automatically get faster.

Second, you need to core train or condition.  The core is a very important part of running.  The Core is made up of abdominal muscles, back muscles, and pelvis muscles.   Its job is to provide stability and strength in movement; translation, the stronger the core, the stronger the runner.  Core conditioning can vary, but there is a way to tailor your core workouts to a runner’s needs.  It’s important for runners to work all different areas of the muscle.  This is called muscle confusion, you may have heard of this if you are hard core and have done P90X.  I like to do the Ab ripper X when training for races.  This routine trains every muscle in the stomach, some muscles in the pelvis, and even the back.  Ab Ripper X is very beneficial for runners.  It has definitely helped me shave time off my runs and can also help eliminate side aches… and has a power to make your abdominal area easier to look at.  Yoga is another great core workout.  It’ll work out muscles you never knew you had!

Third, speed training.  Speed training can involve many different techniques.  One thing is certain you will need to do intervals.  Whether they are mile intervals to 400 intervals you need to do them.  You’re goal when doing intervals is to keep your interval times the same.  If you run an 800 interval in 2:35, your second 800 time should be nearly the same.  Each interval will get harder, but you must push yourself and try to get the same time.  This trains you to run quick even you are tired, building speed as well as endurance.

Hill work is great for increasing speed.  You’re body has to work very hard to get you up that hill, making flat surfaces easier to handle at faster paces.  Heat acclimation is also very important when increasing speed.  The weather is continually getting warmer.  Running in the heat causes fatigue a lot faster than in cooler temperatures.  Training in the heat will cause adaption to heat so you don’t fatigue as easily when the weather is hot, causing running races early in the morning when it’s cool to be a lot easier.  The easier something is, the more capable you are of keeping up faster paces longer.

Well there is my so called advice for training.  I’ll let you know how successful it is after the Ragnar.  I did pay a lot of money for this race and wouldn’t mind doing well. Wish me luck!

Life is a Race

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 Life is a race…

its about the good miles and the bad miles.

Its about going up hill and down hill.

It’s about being ahead and being behind.

It’s about falling, and getting back up.

It’s about doing what you hate, and doing what you love.

It’s about learning strengths and learning weaknesses.

It’s about fast paces and slow paces.

It’s about feeling pain and feeling  joy.

It’s about winning.

It’s about losing.

Its about reaching your destination.

Its about finishing stronger than when you started.

Life is a race…. Endure.

Running Faux Pas

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Before one gets involved in running, there are a few things to be aware of.  Just some simple do’s and don’ts that can make a huge in difference in the running experience.  for example:

running causes one to sweat, a lot.  Sorry, but it’s true.  Be watchful for tiny bugs, also known as gnats, flying aimlessly in the air.  They don’t watch out for you and if, in the unfortunate event, you run into a swarm of them, they tend to stick to your face, arms, and chest.  Something to look out for. Also try to keep your mouth closed.  

I know running can be painful, but try not to let it show.  Control those emotions!  Otherwise it makes for some seriously embarrassing pictures.



When running a race, be sure to count the laps correctly. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen High School track runners exhaust everything they have on the seventh lap, passing three people on the way to the finish line.  They raise their arms in triumph, they cheer and jump up and down!  But wait… why are the three they passed still running?  The two mile is eight times around the track not seven.  Embarrassing, but quite funny.

One more tid bit of advice when racing.  Be sure to use the bathroom before a fast paced distance race… or you may have trouble holding it there at the end.

This may be unavoidable, but try to pay attention to your surroundings.  I’m sure we have all seen runners fall on their faces.  I’m also quite sure, although harder to admit, that we have all fallen ourselves while running.  If falling does in fact become unavoidable, try not to injure the poor innocent runners around you as you go down.



And last but not least, get some fashion sense!  Maybe this is just my opinion… but this look does not say runner to me…

Image         Image

It says, hi… I’m here to run like a little girl. Again maybe that’s just me.  Any other opinions on the running skirt? But take a look at the picture below… she looks a little more like a runner.


Something crazy

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Something crazy happend today.  I was offered a job… for a school I didn’t even apply for!  It came as quite the shock to me.  Let me explain, See I had an Interview at Ben Lomond High School and it went really well in my opinion, but they told me up front that they were looking for a football coach, (go figure), as well as a health teacher.  They said there were applicants solely for the coaching position, applicants solely for the teaching position, and applicants for both coaching and teaching.  They were however, leaning towards hiring a coach who could also be involved in the school, but there is always a chance of getting hired right?

So I waited, and waited, and waited for a phone call that never came.  They told me they would let me know by the middle of that week.  I just figured I didn’t get the job.  Well a call finally came and I had figured right, I didn’t get it.  They did say that they were very impressed with me and that Highland Junior High was also looking for a health teacher and would hopefully be calling me in for an interview.  I kind of shrugged that statment off thinking, “oh, they are just being nice.”  But that night while I was at the track meet that would never end, I got a message from a Becky in the Human Resources Department.  She told me to call her in the morning so we could talk.  Okay… so this morning I called and she offered me a job teaching Health at Highland Junior High on the spot. 

Turns out, one of the many interviewers at Ben Lomond is becoming the new Principal at Highland Junior.  I had no idea my interview with The High School was also a potential interview with the junior high.  Crazy how things work out.