Color Me Rad!

The Color Me Rad race was quite the success!  Although, you couldn’t really call it a race because most people walked the course, I had a lot of fun and certainly did not walk.  The race was held at UVU in Orem and full of colorful people.  At the start of the race you are given packets of color, which you are supposed to save and use at the end of the race so all can finish with an explosion of color.  Some had a hard time saving their color however.  Once the race started it seemed just like any other 5k except for the fact that everyone was in white. Image Throughout the course, color stations are placed at random locations.  you run through these color stations while people on the side lines spray you with a colorful syrup… I’m not sure what this colorful syrup was made of, but I heard a rumor that it was watery cornstarch.  Though it smelled a lot like laundry detergent to me.  Anyway, these people were very good at spraying you in the face with color.  I was hoping they would aim more below the shoulders, but my group and I had mouthfuls of color by the end of the race.  Some more than others.

I would recommend running this race to anyone.  But I’d say actually try running it.  Walking is for the not so colorful.  What’s the next race I plan to run?  I think I’m going for the Dirty Dash.


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