The Ramblings of an Angry Substitute

I’m going in a different direction in this post.  I’m shifting my topic from running, sports and athletics to education.  I’m twenty four years old.. and career less.  Okay, yes I’m a Head Girls Track Coach, and an excellent one at that.  But I’m beginning to think I’m stuck as a substitute teacher for life.   I just can’t get hired in my field of Education (Health and PE) and the reasons why Do not make much sense to me.

I’m not trying to sound cocky or conceded but I would make one amazing health teacher.  I have a passion for it.  I live and breathe health principals… how many Health and PE teachers can you truly say that about?  Honestly, How many PE teachers did you have growing up whom were in great physical shape?  How many had teachers whom could be categorized under obese?   To get hired in the subject area of Health and PE it all comes down to what else you have to offer.  If you are a football coach you are automatically considered for the job, no questions asked!  My point?  I have several.  one, I am not getting hired because I am a young woman, who may or may not appear to have much experience.  Two, I am not a man and therefore can’t coach any men’s sports, and three I do not coach football.  I didn’t know those reasons could keep me from getting hired as a Health Teacher.

I understand that football is the most important sport ever invented.  I mean it gets the most funding, the most fans (you certainly don’t find that many fans at a track meet.), and most high school football players end up playing the sport their entire lives, moving from high school to college, and onto the pros.  Happens all the time right? so… that may be the exaggeration of the century.

I have nothing against football.  Sports can have a tremendous effect on students and their lives.  but I believe classroom learning is more important, especially when it comes to Health!  First off, not all students play sports.  Football coaches influence a lot more students in their classrooms than on their football field.  I’m not saying these coaches can’t be good health teachers… but that is not why they are hired.  They are hired for coaching and then placed into a health position because health is deemed as not  as important as other subjects… such as algebra, which I don’t even remember how to do anymore.  Health is only required for half a term.  And if you take a look at problems in a high school setting from drugs, to sex, to eating disorders, wouldn’t ya know it, these are all covered in a health class.  I’m just saying it may be smart to flip priorities to education first and athletics second.

Hire a health teacher for teaching purposes and then worry about coaching.  By hiring a coach over a teacher, the emphasis is placed on the importance of sports over education.    Which doesn’t make a much sense to me… but what do I know? I’m just a substitute.


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  1. I love this. For realsies.

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