Fun Run

So I finally did it… I signed up for a marathon.  Can you believe it?  Neither can I, because I didn’t.  I signed up for the Color Me Rad race instead, which is a 5K.  It just seemed a little more fun than a marathon for… some reason.

So here’s the deal, you start out wearing a clean white shirt and by the end of the race your completely tye-dyed.  I was drawn to this race because the point isn’t to win or to improve or to pass a certain amount of people.  The point is to just have fun, which I intend to do!  I’m definitely ready for a break from running my butt off.

I’m not sure how this race will compare to The Dirty Dash which was organized by the same people.  I ran the Dirty Dash Last year and got, well, Dirty!  But this race was the most exciting race I’ve ever participated in.  You had to balance on muddy beams, swim in muddy pools, jump over muddy hurdles, crawl in muddy tubes, and slide down muddy slides… my kind of race!  The Dirty Dash encourages you to dress up as a team, so we went as the Twinkle Toe Thugs… as is illustrated in the picture below.


So this is how we started… Nice, clean and looking dang good in our tutu’s, if I don’t say so myself.



And this is how we looked at the end of the race… Still looking good if you ask me.  Anyway, those are just a few pics of The Dirty Dash.  I recommend running in it to anyone who doesn’t mind getting muddy.  Hopefully the Color Me Rad will be up to par.  I’ll  be sure to post pictures of that after this weekend!  Wish me luck.  I’m so glad I’m not running a marathon.


2 Responses to “Fun Run”

  1. There is a group of us signing up for the Color Me Rad race here in Jacksonville! I’m super stoked about it!

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