Start to Finish

You may think after running one grueling race that you can’t ever again endure such pain. Think again. After conquering one hill, the same hill a second time can only be easier. The second time around you are more experienced, more in shape, more confident, and more able to make it to the top efficiently. So here’s your chance to face old challenges. Is there anything you might do differently this time around? Anything you can do better? There is always something to improve upon but you first need to step up and try.

The very first time you try something, it’s new and exciting. You also have no Idea what you are doing . The only way to overcome this is trial and error. There is always a starting point and believe it or not, you can’t start anywhere else. But it doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is where you end up. You may make mistakes, you may fall, and you may choose not to continue, but to truly become good at something, you need years of practice. Not many can run a straight marathon without any training.

Running provides a lot of time for thinking. One thing I’ve learned from running, from coaching, from life is that no matter what you accomplish, no matter how well you do, you always want more. We are constantly running from one thing to the next. I am never truly satisfied with what I have or what I’ve accomplished. I can be happy about those things but I always want more. Yet, I’ve also learned that you’ll never be satisfied with anything if you let fear or hardship cause you to quit

I have a runner on my track team who quits in the middle of races, not only in practice, but in Meets!! There I am on the side line with my stop watch at the Mountain View Invitational. There she is, standing on the starting line. The gun is cocked, runners on your mark, get set, “Bang,” they’re off. Here they come, first lap down. I see the first group of runners, a few from Mountain View, Lone Peak, Provo, Where’s Layton? There she is, off the track walking up the middle of the football field, the look of failure written on her face. “What happened?” I asked. A mumbled reply said it all… “I was in pain, I was afraid, so I decided to stop trying.” Her time? She didn’t last over a minute.

I am guilty of quitting and not just with the aspect of running. I’ve let fear control the outcome of a race and I regret it. The first time around may be hard and you may want to quit. But the second time around I won’t let that happen. I’ll start to finish.



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