Sense of Humor

Those of you who don’t run, or even have a desire to run,… really don’t know what you’re missing.  Running can be quite an interesting experience.   Those of us who do run on a regular basis, I’m sure we have had a lot of the same experiences.  see if any of these experiences have happened to you?

You know you are a runner when;

you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile.

You know what a “fartlek” is and can say it without getting embarrassed.

you’re always hungry.

you have a line in your budget for race entry fees.

You can drink water and run at the same time without spilling all over yourself.

you’ve been in desperate need for a bathroom.

your underwear covers more than your uniform shorts.

You have chaffing in strange places.

Your Christmas list consists of more than one pair of running shoes.

You stretch while waiting in line.

You own spandex in more than one color.

Water is the only drink you ever order.

You have a very distinct sports bra tan line.

You think in terms of meters, not yards or feet.

And last, but not least… you have too many t-shirts than you know what to do with!
















2 Responses to “Sense of Humor”

  1. Ps your blog is actually quite interesting!

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