Running in Place

I’ve never been one to let someone get too close.  I’m too quick for that.  I’ve covered a lot of distance and improved my stride, stamina and speed.  But all this time I’ve been running in place, never really going anywhere.  I run up one hill only to run back down, never experiencing the other side.

I venture out, away from these walls to the rest of the world, exposed and afraid.  I make it to the top, viewing the other side safely from a distance.  I never really left.  I’m still attached to these walls that pull at me with their unbreakable chains.  I’m back to routine, safe and alone.

Again I climb, running farther than ever before.  I’m at the top, looking down.  Can I finally move forward?  Can I join the others that have passed me by?  I take one step, then two.  I’m out in the open where they can see.  They are getting too close.  good thing I’m quick…


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  1. What does that mean?

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