The Coaches Perspective

We had a meet at Fremont High school today.  If you look at some of my runners times you will see that a lot of them did not improve… they got slower.  This is about the time in the season when runners become more lethargic than usual.  They start slacking off, skipping practices, swinging on swings and playing on the playground instead of running in the park like they are supposed too!  Yes, I caught some of my runners doing just that.  How old are they?  At least when I was their age I had enough respect to hide my laziness from the coach!  If you are going to slack off don’t do so in plain sight.  Of course when they saw me coming towards them, they ran away quick enough to get their heart rates pumping.  Now I know how my high school track coach felt when I was one of these… so called runners.  Its a totally different view from the coaches perspective, if only these kids could see it.

Everything is just sooooo much more dramatic when you are in high school.  You hear the track workout for the day and think you may not survive!  The sun actually comes out for once and you think you may get heat stroke in seventy degree weather. You get shin splints and you are permanently injured for the rest of the season!  Shin splints are not at the top of the serious injury list guys.

I do have a good handful of runners that work their tails off.  And you can tell who they are because they are the ones that improve their times every week, or at least come relatively close.  The difference is like night and day.  These kids shine and rise above the rest.  These kinds of kids make coaching worth while because these are the kids that are actually coach-able.  A coach can only do so much.  I can try and encourage,motivate, and inspire runners, and many times it works.  But performance is ultimately up to the individual.  It’s called self motivation.  If a runner is not motivated to improve, coaching is not going to do much good.  Once a runner has that motivation and desire to become better, that is when he or she looks to the coach for help.

And that is what I’m here for!  I love coaching, I love seeing athletes improve and reach their goals.  I love all the runners even the ones that slack off here and there.  Hey, I used to be one of them… so I probably shouldn’t be too hard on them.  But I find it refreshing to see young athletes with a desire to work hard and become better.  They definitely have a head start, which can greatly contribute to winning a race.

I want to thank all my coaches who were there pushing me to become better.  I may not have appreciated it back then, but I definitely do now.  It’s about time I gained a little perspective.


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