Spring Break

Spring Break has finally arrived, but the Layton High Track isn’t doing much breaking.  I’m down with taking a break from School, work, or the laundry… but when it comes to track, we like to step it up a notch.

Moday: we did Hill work. Three rounds of backwards lunges up the hill, sprints up the hill, bear crawls up the hill, skipping up the hill, high knees up the hill, oh and did I mention push-ups up the hill… that was a killer.

  After the hill work craziness, we ran one mile fartleks, and then played Ultimate Frisbe.

Tuesday we ran sprints.  two hundreds, one two hundred, one three hundred, and two four hundreds.  Distance then ran a 5K and came back to play soccer.

Wednesday we hiked up Adams canyon! The weather was perfect for hiking.  we ran up parts, but mostly walked..  hey, It’s a pretty steep hike.  But we ran all the way down, which is a little dangerous at parts.  Even though we had a few close calls (people tripping and slipping… no I was not one of those close calls.) we all made it down alive to enjoy some home made chocolate chip cookies.

Thursday we did a track latter which consists of a one hundred sprint.. jog the rest of the lap, a two hundred sprint.. jog the rest of the lap, a three hundred sprint.. jog the rest of the lap, and a four hundred sprint with jogging as your rest in between.  It was tough!  We then split into events.  Distance ran two miles and sprinters worked on events.

Coach Bell (the head) allowed us to take Friday off, which was nice not only because it snowed, but with all this spring breaking we all needed a break.


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