Path of Least resistance

I am a fitness runner.  I run to stay fit, to stay strong, to stay competitive, and to stay healthy.  I do not run for the fun of it, although I do enjoy running, I run to improve.  I’m the kind of person who always wants to be the best at what I do.  As impossible as that is, there is a path one must take in order to improve.   I won’t even come close to my goals by taking the path of least resistance.  And how boring would that be anyway?  Resistance is the cause of motivation.

here you are running along when suddenly you come to a fork in the road.  Which path will you take??


The sunny path looks friendly,but maybe, just once, you should try taking a different road, a road that may challenge you.  Taking a harder path may not always be enjoyable but it’s definitely a lot more exciting.  Believe me I know! Last year while training to do a half marathon, despite my earlier premise to never run a race loner than 6 miles, I decided to add some hill work to my training. There is an over pass by my house that I like to run up and down when I am feeling overly motivated.  So there I was… running up and up.  Once I made it to the top I tripped over a metal wired ring I thought might be fun to step in.  Next thing i know, I’m skidding down the hill on my hands and knees.  First thing I do once I came to a stop is look around to see if anyone saw me fall ever so gracefully.  Next, I looked down at my hands and couldn’t believe what I was seeing!


This is a picture the damage after i scrubbed the rocks out of my hand.











So as I said, the path of resistance may not be enjoyable but hey, it can make for a good story as well as experiences that you won’t get anywhere else.  Try something challenging, test what you are made of.  You might surprise yourself or learn what you need to work on.  I can definitely say I learned to be more careful running down hills.  And I can proudly say I have run up and down that hill many times since then without falling!  But the main thing I learned is to get back up.  I did not let that exciting experience keep me away from running that hill again.  If you face a challenge and fail the first time, keep trying.  You can succeed and conquer no matter how steep the hill, no matter how big the fall.

Prove to yourself that you can handle resistance. Choose the path that will lead to your goals.  When at a fork between the hill and the sun, I’ll take the hill.  I’m sure the view is a lot better from there anyway.


2 Responses to “Path of Least resistance”

  1. oh nikki… i didn’t know you stepped in the metal thing just for fun? i thought it was an accident… that’s funny.

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