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Color Me Rad!

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The Color Me Rad race was quite the success!  Although, you couldn’t really call it a race because most people walked the course, I had a lot of fun and certainly did not walk.  The race was held at UVU in Orem and full of colorful people.  At the start of the race you are given packets of color, which you are supposed to save and use at the end of the race so all can finish with an explosion of color.  Some had a hard time saving their color however.  Once the race started it seemed just like any other 5k except for the fact that everyone was in white. Image Throughout the course, color stations are placed at random locations.  you run through these color stations while people on the side lines spray you with a colorful syrup… I’m not sure what this colorful syrup was made of, but I heard a rumor that it was watery cornstarch.  Though it smelled a lot like laundry detergent to me.  Anyway, these people were very good at spraying you in the face with color.  I was hoping they would aim more below the shoulders, but my group and I had mouthfuls of color by the end of the race.  Some more than others.

I would recommend running this race to anyone.  But I’d say actually try running it.  Walking is for the not so colorful.  What’s the next race I plan to run?  I think I’m going for the Dirty Dash.


Long meet days

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Sometimes meets last forever!! That is not an exaggeration. We hosted a meet for the junior high kids on Thursday and lets just say it didn’t run as smoothly as we would’ve hoped!
We were having problems with the camera equipment, the computer, the timers, etc! Anything that required a battery or an outlet did not want to work for us. Technology serious makes everything more complicated in my opinion. But technology and I don’t really get along and I seriously wanted to throw that equipment off stadium.
Yet, through all the set backs and mishaps every single member of the Layton high track team was so positive and helpful. They were so good with the junior high kids, cheering at the top of their lungs, learning their names before events just so they could cheer their name specifically. I think the junior highs found it pretty motivating and so did I.
While I was thinking of myself… And how cold and unhappy I felt about that never ending track meet. My athletes were thinking about the young runners they were hosting. They certainly taught me a few lessons as well as provided some wholesome entertainment, which is occasionally, though desperately needed on those long meet days.

The Ramblings of an Angry Substitute

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I’m going in a different direction in this post.  I’m shifting my topic from running, sports and athletics to education.  I’m twenty four years old.. and career less.  Okay, yes I’m a Head Girls Track Coach, and an excellent one at that.  But I’m beginning to think I’m stuck as a substitute teacher for life.   I just can’t get hired in my field of Education (Health and PE) and the reasons why Do not make much sense to me.

I’m not trying to sound cocky or conceded but I would make one amazing health teacher.  I have a passion for it.  I live and breathe health principals… how many Health and PE teachers can you truly say that about?  Honestly, How many PE teachers did you have growing up whom were in great physical shape?  How many had teachers whom could be categorized under obese?   To get hired in the subject area of Health and PE it all comes down to what else you have to offer.  If you are a football coach you are automatically considered for the job, no questions asked!  My point?  I have several.  one, I am not getting hired because I am a young woman, who may or may not appear to have much experience.  Two, I am not a man and therefore can’t coach any men’s sports, and three I do not coach football.  I didn’t know those reasons could keep me from getting hired as a Health Teacher.

I understand that football is the most important sport ever invented.  I mean it gets the most funding, the most fans (you certainly don’t find that many fans at a track meet.), and most high school football players end up playing the sport their entire lives, moving from high school to college, and onto the pros.  Happens all the time right? so… that may be the exaggeration of the century.

I have nothing against football.  Sports can have a tremendous effect on students and their lives.  but I believe classroom learning is more important, especially when it comes to Health!  First off, not all students play sports.  Football coaches influence a lot more students in their classrooms than on their football field.  I’m not saying these coaches can’t be good health teachers… but that is not why they are hired.  They are hired for coaching and then placed into a health position because health is deemed as not  as important as other subjects… such as algebra, which I don’t even remember how to do anymore.  Health is only required for half a term.  And if you take a look at problems in a high school setting from drugs, to sex, to eating disorders, wouldn’t ya know it, these are all covered in a health class.  I’m just saying it may be smart to flip priorities to education first and athletics second.

Hire a health teacher for teaching purposes and then worry about coaching.  By hiring a coach over a teacher, the emphasis is placed on the importance of sports over education.    Which doesn’t make a much sense to me… but what do I know? I’m just a substitute.

Fun Run

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So I finally did it… I signed up for a marathon.  Can you believe it?  Neither can I, because I didn’t.  I signed up for the Color Me Rad race instead, which is a 5K.  It just seemed a little more fun than a marathon for… some reason.

So here’s the deal, you start out wearing a clean white shirt and by the end of the race your completely tye-dyed.  I was drawn to this race because the point isn’t to win or to improve or to pass a certain amount of people.  The point is to just have fun, which I intend to do!  I’m definitely ready for a break from running my butt off.

I’m not sure how this race will compare to The Dirty Dash which was organized by the same people.  I ran the Dirty Dash Last year and got, well, Dirty!  But this race was the most exciting race I’ve ever participated in.  You had to balance on muddy beams, swim in muddy pools, jump over muddy hurdles, crawl in muddy tubes, and slide down muddy slides… my kind of race!  The Dirty Dash encourages you to dress up as a team, so we went as the Twinkle Toe Thugs… as is illustrated in the picture below.


So this is how we started… Nice, clean and looking dang good in our tutu’s, if I don’t say so myself.



And this is how we looked at the end of the race… Still looking good if you ask me.  Anyway, those are just a few pics of The Dirty Dash.  I recommend running in it to anyone who doesn’t mind getting muddy.  Hopefully the Color Me Rad will be up to par.  I’ll  be sure to post pictures of that after this weekend!  Wish me luck.  I’m so glad I’m not running a marathon.

Start to Finish

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You may think after running one grueling race that you can’t ever again endure such pain. Think again. After conquering one hill, the same hill a second time can only be easier. The second time around you are more experienced, more in shape, more confident, and more able to make it to the top efficiently. So here’s your chance to face old challenges. Is there anything you might do differently this time around? Anything you can do better? There is always something to improve upon but you first need to step up and try.

The very first time you try something, it’s new and exciting. You also have no Idea what you are doing . The only way to overcome this is trial and error. There is always a starting point and believe it or not, you can’t start anywhere else. But it doesn’t matter where you start, what matters is where you end up. You may make mistakes, you may fall, and you may choose not to continue, but to truly become good at something, you need years of practice. Not many can run a straight marathon without any training.

Running provides a lot of time for thinking. One thing I’ve learned from running, from coaching, from life is that no matter what you accomplish, no matter how well you do, you always want more. We are constantly running from one thing to the next. I am never truly satisfied with what I have or what I’ve accomplished. I can be happy about those things but I always want more. Yet, I’ve also learned that you’ll never be satisfied with anything if you let fear or hardship cause you to quit

I have a runner on my track team who quits in the middle of races, not only in practice, but in Meets!! There I am on the side line with my stop watch at the Mountain View Invitational. There she is, standing on the starting line. The gun is cocked, runners on your mark, get set, “Bang,” they’re off. Here they come, first lap down. I see the first group of runners, a few from Mountain View, Lone Peak, Provo, Where’s Layton? There she is, off the track walking up the middle of the football field, the look of failure written on her face. “What happened?” I asked. A mumbled reply said it all… “I was in pain, I was afraid, so I decided to stop trying.” Her time? She didn’t last over a minute.

I am guilty of quitting and not just with the aspect of running. I’ve let fear control the outcome of a race and I regret it. The first time around may be hard and you may want to quit. But the second time around I won’t let that happen. I’ll start to finish.


Sense of Humor

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Those of you who don’t run, or even have a desire to run,… really don’t know what you’re missing.  Running can be quite an interesting experience.   Those of us who do run on a regular basis, I’m sure we have had a lot of the same experiences.  see if any of these experiences have happened to you?

You know you are a runner when;

you have more running clothes than regular clothes in your laundry pile.

You know what a “fartlek” is and can say it without getting embarrassed.

you’re always hungry.

you have a line in your budget for race entry fees.

You can drink water and run at the same time without spilling all over yourself.

you’ve been in desperate need for a bathroom.

your underwear covers more than your uniform shorts.

You have chaffing in strange places.

Your Christmas list consists of more than one pair of running shoes.

You stretch while waiting in line.

You own spandex in more than one color.

Water is the only drink you ever order.

You have a very distinct sports bra tan line.

You think in terms of meters, not yards or feet.

And last, but not least… you have too many t-shirts than you know what to do with!















Running in Place

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I’ve never been one to let someone get too close.  I’m too quick for that.  I’ve covered a lot of distance and improved my stride, stamina and speed.  But all this time I’ve been running in place, never really going anywhere.  I run up one hill only to run back down, never experiencing the other side.

I venture out, away from these walls to the rest of the world, exposed and afraid.  I make it to the top, viewing the other side safely from a distance.  I never really left.  I’m still attached to these walls that pull at me with their unbreakable chains.  I’m back to routine, safe and alone.

Again I climb, running farther than ever before.  I’m at the top, looking down.  Can I finally move forward?  Can I join the others that have passed me by?  I take one step, then two.  I’m out in the open where they can see.  They are getting too close.  good thing I’m quick…