Running Weather

Spring is in the air! At least on some days.  Utah weather tends to change every 15 minutes.  We had Davis District Championships on Wednesday and Thursday and the weather was constantly changing.  For a few hours the sun peeped through the clouds, the next few hours there was wind and a few drops of rain, and then it just got cold!  I laughed, but felt a little bad for my runners.  It always seems the wind decides to pick up during a distance event.  can’t the weather just make up it’s mind?  But my runners stick it out through all kinds of weather.

Watching distance runners is actually quite comical.  You see them start out strong and fast, trying to get a good position in the pack.  Congrats! One lap down only 7 more to go… What! Are you serious??  You see their facial expressions go from strong and confident to agony and exaustion.  I remember being totally confident before specific races, “I have been training for this my whole life! I’m amazing!!” but half way through the race I’m thinking… “Oh why? Why do i put myself through this??”

Quite possibly running is like the weather.  at one point you feel like you can run forever…  at the other you feel like you are going to die a slow and painful death, yet you push through the overflow of emotions and finish the race.  At that point you feel exhaustion, pain, proud, and exhilarated all at the same time.  can’t you make up your mind? Bravo to those who do run in all types the weather… seems you’ve made up your mind to stick it out no matter what.


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