Are you a Winner?

We had our first track invitational this passed weekend.  And let me tell you the weather was horrible.  We had fierce blowing winds and cold temperatures! But did that stop of from having the meet? No!!  Did Layton win the meet?  No!! But overall I would say the meet was a success because we did our very best….  Sappy answer?  I used to think so.

However, my distance team did do their very best.  At the beginning of the season I had them each run a mile and an 800 timed, just to see where they were at.  I recorded their race times at the meet so lets compare shall we?

Mile 1 (03/09/12)        @ invite (03/17/12)

Erik              5:54                       5:46

Dillon          6:16                       6:01

Tanner        6:28                      6:28

Jack             6:53                      6:24

Deverey     6:48                      6:36

Abby           8:09                      7:30
now, none of these times are that impressive.  None would break a state record or even qualify for state, but I’m proud because each and every on of them either improved their times or stayed the same and that is what matters.  It doesn’t matter whether you finish first or last… of course, nobody wants to finish last…  Winning doesn’t mean anything if it’s easy.  What makes winning worth while is the work you put into getting there.










Look at this picture.  The one in white is Deverey from Layton High.  They are running the distance medley relay, which consists of a 1200 leg, a 400 leg, an 800 leg, and a 1600 leg. This is the 1600 or mile part of the race.  This is the final stretch before the finish line.  Neither of these girls finished first…  The first place team was at the finish line a while ago.  And yet, here they are sprinting to the finish line despite the poor weather conditions, the pain they feel, the fact that they have already lost, and everything else that could cause them to quit.   Just because you didn’t finish first does not mean you didn’t win.

Now I’m a very competitive person.  I’ve always thought that if you aren’t first you’re last.  But honestly, there will always be someone who is better, faster, or stronger  than you are, no matter what you are involved in!  The point is being the best you can be.  Where were you when you first started? Where are you now? Have you improved? Are you working to continue improving?  If so I’d say you’re a winner.








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