Change it Up

Slow it Down, Change it Up.

Running can get monotonous sometimes.  My track runners always ask me, “what are we doing today?” “We’re going to run.. what did you think??”  Lets face it, in order to become a better runner, you’ve got to run! Go figure right? Each year towards the middle of the track season I can see that running is not as stimulating as it once was for my team.  Even I get sick of running every once is a while.  I mean, its the same thing every day.  Well it doesn’t have to be you can find ways to change it up.

I run track practice a little like this:

Monday is, Welcome back from the weekend, day.  I use this day to put in some distance.  We’ll run distances varying from 2.5 to 5 miles at a strong, challenging pace.  Yes, Welcome back team.  We are running far and we are running hard!

Tuesday is, Day before a meet, day.  basically this day is the same as monday, except with shorter distances and slower paces.  We won’t go any farther than 3 miles on this day.  The longest race in track is the 2 mile and I see no reason in making them run more than a mile farther than their longest race on the day before a meet.  The key here is to run at a controlled pace.  Runners should be able to have a conversation without getting a side ache.

Wednesday is meet day!  And hopefully everyone’s favorite day.  This day is different for every runner.  Some Runners have one event, others have two, and a few crazies have three or four! Usually with distance the event count stays relativlely low.  The 800, mile, and two mile are the three distance races in a meet.  Our first Meet is today at Kearns!  We have a weekend invitational so our schedule was a little messed up this week. Wish us luck.

Thursday is, wish it was the weekend, day.  This day is not for conversation.  The focus is on covering distance and becoming faster.  We do interval training, usually 4 rounds of 800’s or 1200’s.  the goal with interval training is to run each interval at the same pace.  The last Interval you run should be as fast as your first. This is extremely hard to do, but is effective when learning how to quicken your pace and keep it there.  Your pace is determined by what race you run.  If you run an 800, your pace should be quicker than someone running the two mile.    I also am planning on incorporating Hill training in which runners run up and down hills for a half hour.  Hill work is very effective in improving speed.  You have to work harder to get up a hill which causes running on flat srufaces easier, therefore increasing speed. 

Fun Friday is… well Fun friday.  I use this day to completely change it up.  The whole week has been dedicated to improvement in speed as well as endurance.  Whenever training for anything I believe you should take a day to change up your training routine.  Don’t get so stuck in doing the same thing over and over, this only causes monotony and dread.  This passed friday the team and I played Ultimate Frisbee.  This sport requires a lot of running, stop and go.  It’s a very good work out and yet different.  This gives runners the chance to take a break from running just to run.

There are many ways you can change up your routine, but sometimes you need to take a completely different route.  It doesn’t hurt to slow it down, change it up, completely forget about the routine and do something different, it can only help!  Do a little cross-training; go for a hike, ride a bike, take a swim, play a sport, get away from monotony.  some may think it impossible, but you can have fun and still get a great work out.


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